My two cents on Marketing

Yes they are called “Zucaritas” in Mexico.

The other day I read somewhere in Medium that some of the best marketers are the folks that used to design the back of cereal boxes about 20 years ago. I don’t know if cereal boxes are still designed the same way, but man, back in the day I would spend every minute of my breakfast reading the back of those boxes; they had puzzles, or short stories, or DIY projects you could actually do with the stuff you had around your house. Now I’m 26 years old and I don’t have kids so that means whenever I’m having cereal for breakfast I’m usually reading Tech Crunch or 9-gag, so I’m not really sure what the back of the boxes look like nowadays.

Getting back to those cereal boxes, they applied this simple process most marketers can’t seem to get right. Entertain — Educate — Sell.

You can’t expect to make a sale if you haven’t educated the customer about the problem you can solve for them and in order for the customer to take a minute of their time to listen to what you have to say (the attention span has never been shorter in the history of mankind), you have to catch their attention! (entertain)

A lot of businesses are more focused on sales that on branding and don’t get me wrong; I love sales (hint; that’s how you make money!) but let’s take for example Nike. Why is it that the far majority of people that are looking to get new sneakers choose Nike? It’s not because they used cookies to know your preferences so they could get tailored ads in your feed, It’s because they’re Nike and they have been building a brand for the past 53 years (1964)

You need to Focus on branding and then follow the Entertain — Educate — Sell cycle if you want to build a sustainable company for the long term no matter the size of your business. If you are a small biz, It’s even easier to do because you can move faster than when you’re a big corporation. And trust me, in business, long term is the name of the game.