Subject: ing You to Puns

If you made a list of things I was least suited to do, right at the top would probably be to run a nursery. I don’t like babies, they just cry and make feces. They look like big fleshy potatoes. I don’t get the appeal.

Right below that is run a blog.

I am a pretty private person. Well that’s not true, I am an average looking and very private person. The only people in the world that truly know me probably work at the N.S.A. and I’m sure they watch me because I make a lot of jokes about bombs and that doesn’t really seem like something they’d be cool with.

I don’t talk about my life all that much, because when I do I make people sad. I don’t have that sad of a life, I’m actually very privileged but you know, try telling my depression that.

I don’t like to make people sad, after all I like to think of myself as a comedian. And isn’t the goal of comedy to not actively make people sad? Comedy is for many other things. To make myself laugh, to make others laugh with me, to make others laugh at me, to make others angry as I often make jokes in poor taste, as they say in improv culinary school. “Improv Culinary Institute: Because Improv is Only One Letter Away from Improve.”

Did you see that? You see that messy run-on train-wreck of a sentence ? That’s how my brain operates. That’s the brain that’s going to be behind the wheel of a medium devoted to giving understandable thoughts on a specific subject.

I’ll give it a shot. I did it in basketball, I did with the flu and I’m going to do it here. I think I can improv and I think I can improve and with a lot of work, I’m going to try to do both

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