Music Pairings — Tingsek

Tingsek — Amygdala

(Ed’s note: this series involves Scott pairing music with the best setting in which to listen to it.)

Without having a clue how to pronounce either one of these words, Miss B Gerbs and I gave it a listen with an open mind (Amygdala probably translates from Swedish to something really rad, but I’m not looking it up purely so it will remain a mystery). All-in-all, this singer & producer is putting out some chill vibes with this album. And sonically, there are a number of really interesting things going on that’ll surely keep your ears entertained.

Tingsek is almost Frank Ocean — with the ballad-esque bangerz — and almost FKJ — with enough synth to make Mannheim Steamroller drool. Tingsek rounds out his sound with a touch of “early 2000’s preppy emo boy” (think Gavin DeGraw). Thanks to B Gerbs for the descriptors.

But let’s get to the goods. This album is best paired with a sober, summer BBQ or house chores in your undies. Give ‘Let That Go’ a listen and boogie down. Then ‘Comfortably Distorted’ makes you want to bump and grind like an old-school Ginuwine track. This guy has some soul. With features from Bernhoft — the Norwegian John Mayer — and Allen Stone, you can definitely hear their mutual musical influences. ‘Miss Brand New’ brings the boogie back so definitely don’t miss that one. With all that said, ‘Gas Station Gus’ is an easy lock for favorite song on the album.

Verdict: 3 out of 5 stars. I’ll listen to it again.

(Ed’s note: this series involves Scott pairing music with the best setting or activity to listen to it.)