Articles on US Army Company Grade Broadening Assignments

Gary Klein
Feb 3 · 1 min read

I wrote an article a while ago on Small Wars Journal about the benefits of becoming an OCT because I had struggled to find many articles on broadening assignments from which to inform my decision about post-company command “broadening” assignments. I recently read another article that made the case for becoming a West Point faculty member and I figured I’d compile articles about company grade (mostly post-command) broadening options for anyone interested.

Here are the articles I’ve compiled so far:

  1. Observer, Coach/Trainer (OCT) — “The Developmental Opportunities Inherent in Becoming an OCT.”
  2. Observer,Coach/Trainer (OCT) — “Managing Talent: FA Majors to Combat Training Centers Post-KD.”
  3. ROTC/Cadet Command — “Project Mentor: A Case for Broadening Within U.S. Army Cadet Command.”
  4. West Point Faculty — “A Case for West Point Broadening Assignments.”

Pre-command broadening opportunities are less common, but here’s an articles on one of those as well:

  1. Basic Combat Training Platoon Leader —“Nothing Basic About It.”
  2. OSUT Platoon Leader — “The OSUT Platoon Leader Experience”

If you know of any other articles about leaders’ experiences in broadening assignments, please comment below so that I can include it in this list.

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Thoughts of a Soldier Scholar

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The Military Apprentice

Thoughts of a Soldier Scholar

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