Gary Klein
Mar 27, 2016 · 1 min read

Like most writers, I publish my thoughts and ideas in a number of different venues. This “article” is nothing more than an effort to share my other works with anyone who might find me here on Medium.

If You Want to Write, Collaborate! [From the Green Notebook] — 2018

Rethinking Aspects of Design and the Military Decision-Making Process [ARMOR Magazine] — 2017

Overcoming Complexity through Collaboration and Follower-Based Leadership [Small Wars Journal] — 2017

#DAWeek: Anticipating Transitions to Seize and Maintain the Initiative [From the Green Notebook] — 2017

Reflections on #Leadership: Asking the Right Questions [Strategy Bridge] — 2016

E-Communication and the Art of Leadership [ARMY Magazine] — 2016

Decision-Support Planning and Tools: Planning to Support Decision Making [ARMOR Magazine] — 2016

Counseling Can Uncover Oppressive Climate [ARMY Magazine] — 2016

The Developmental Opportunities Inherent in Becoming an OCT [Small Wars Journal] — 2015

Doctrine: Our Professional Language and Observations from the Joint Readiness Training Center [ARMOR Magazine] — 2015

Cognitive Training to Achieve Overmatch in the #FutureOfWar [Strategy Bridge] — 2015

From the Screen Line: Transformation of the Duties and Responsibilities of a Headquarters Troop Commander (COIN/SFA to DATE) [ARMOR Magazine] — 2015

Developing Mission Focus to Ensure Military Expertise and Esprit de Corps in Army of 2020 [ARMOR Magazine] — 2014

Optimizing the Human Dimension through Education within the Operational Army [Strategy Bridge] — 2014

Reconnaissance Planning and Orders [ARMOR Magazine] — 2011

The Military Apprentice

Thoughts of a Soldier Scholar

Gary Klein

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Army Professional, Amateur Triathlete, Member of, avid University of Michigan fan, and reader.

The Military Apprentice

Thoughts of a Soldier Scholar

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