6 Ways Coworking Helps Me Focus

When you work from home, it’s easy to distract yourself

This post is part of the Millennial Freelancer’s partnership with the Yard: Midtown Village.

Photo courtesy of The Yard

One minute you’re on the phone with a client, the next you’re tempted to take a midday nap, the next you’re delivering a service, the next you remembered that you haven’t vacuumed your home office in two months.

At The Yard: Midtown Village, I’m not nearly as distracted as I would be at home. Here are six reasons how the coworking space in Center City helps me stay focused and concentrated throughout the whole working day.

Designated mental space for work

When you work from home, it can sometimes be difficult to separate your home and work life. It’s incredibly important to get out of your home as often as you can to work, so you can stay motivated and productive.

Although I sometimes work from home, I rely on a coworking space to create that physical boundary. When I’m at The Yard, for instance, I stay on task, strictly sticking to business. It’s much harder for me to do that at home, when I can easily slip into the kitchen for a snack or my bed for a nap.

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