Interview with Anna Furman

Freelance Writer

Danielle Corcione
Jul 20, 2017 · 2 min read

This post is part of the Millennial Freelancer’s partnership with the Yard: Midtown Village.

Anna Furman is a freelance writer, side hustler and marketing professional based in San Francisco, California. We talked about sticking with a story after it’s been killed by an editor, similarities between marketing and writing and the importance of mastering Excel spreadsheets. Check out Anna’s website and follow her on Twitter to learn more about her work.

When did you start freelancing?
I started full-time freelancing last summer, but I’ve been freelancing for the past four years while I was doing other full-time jobs.

Do you remember your first paid byline?
My first paid assignment was for It was about Diane Burko, who takes these aerial photographs of glaciers to show the effects of climate change. It was part of an edit test, and I was excited to see it posted.

Read the entire interview on the Yard’s blog below:

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Navigating an alternative career in the digital age

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The Millennial Freelancer

Navigating an alternative career in the digital age

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