Interview with Kallie Falandays

Freelance Writer and Editor

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Kallie Falandays is a freelance writer, manuscript editor, and published poet based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We talked about creative control over work, copywriting from a poet’s perspective, and starting the conversation with other writers. Check out her website to learn more about her work.

You run a poetry manuscript editing service, Tell Tell Editing, which also has a blog. What inspired this business?

Maybe it was four years ago, and I think I was about to go to graduate school for poetry. I was about to get my MFA. I wanted to talk poets who had published collections because I wanted to better understand the process.

At the time, I don’t even think I had published any poetry. Maybe I’d published one poem. The process was a mystery to me, and all the resources I was finding were uninspiring. I just started reaching out to poets who had books I liked and requesting interviews, and everyone that I reached out to was super receptive. So it really started as a blog interview series.

After about a year and a half of that, I started having more poetry-editing clients. I switched the format of the website to be a poetry-editing website with a blog attached. That’s allowed me to kind of grow into what it is now — which is mostly a resource site and a poetry-editing service.

What other types of writing do you do?

Obviously, I write poetry, but by day, I also write copy. So I make home pages, landing pages, sales copy, B2B copy, marketing, print campaign copy. Whatever someone needs words on, I can do.

Writing advertisements from a poet’s perspective has been helpful and kind of illuminating. I approach ad copy from a different place than, say, a marketer.

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