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Danielle Corcione
Sep 19, 2017 · 2 min read

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Lara Witt is a freelance writer, senior editor at Wear Your Voice Magazine and viral tweeter based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We talked about pop culture criticism, self-publishing platforms and the importance of a thoughtful pitch. Check out her website and follow her on Twitter to learn more about her work.

When and why did you start freelancing?

It was by accident. I started freelancing shortly after I graduated [college] about two years ago. It was hard for me to find a full-time journalism job here in Philly. I wanted something within a newsroom, and that was hard to find at the time. I had just finished up an internship with the Daily News, but their newsrooms combined [with the Philadelphia Inquirer] and their staff was cut.

I decided to make an attempt to build my own platform little by little. I started using self-publishing sites like Medium and Tumblr so I could hone my voice and train myself to be a better writer, not just for news but also using my own perspective so I could eventually sell my pieces.

What was your first published piece as a freelance writer?

I got my first boost writing for Guerilla Feminism, but they lost their funding, so I stopped writing there. Freelancing has given me the opportunity to figure out what it is that people want to see from me.

Read the entire interview on the Yard’s blog below:

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The Millennial Freelancer

Navigating an alternative career in the digital age

Danielle Corcione

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The Millennial Freelancer

Navigating an alternative career in the digital age

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