Interview with Sarah DeGeorge

Freelance Writer

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Sarah DeGeorge is a freelance writer, runner and cat mom based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We talked about overcoming awkwardness, setting boundaries with clients and writing for her hometown’s newspaper. Check out her portfolio and website to learn more about her work.

When did you start freelancing?
I started freelancing when I was still in college for a local paper, the Warren Reporter, back in New Jersey. Then from there, I took things into my own hands. Instead of working for a paper where they’re giving me the assignments, I’m [now] actively seeking the assignments.

What was your first paid piece of writing?
It was about Merrill Creek, which is a reservoir back in my hometown. I wrote about what they were going to be doing that summer — their programs and things like that.

I remember being very nervous back then. I didn’t want to call people to ask, “Hi, can I have a quote from you?” I’m already awkward enough, and this is after years of practice. You don’t even want to imagine how those early phone calls went years ago!

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