Want to Be a Full-Time Freelancer? What You Need to Know

Adryan Corcione
The Millennial Freelancer
2 min readApr 16, 2018


This post originally appeared on BusinessNewsDaily on October 17, 2016.

No matter what their field, many small business owners utilize freelancers. Businesses in practically every industry are looking for writers, marketers, programmers, designers, accountants, lawyers and more — all of whom they intend to hire on a contractual basis.

The freelance economy is not a niche market, either. According to the Freelancers Union, 54 million Americans work as freelancers in fields such as writing, graphic design and consulting. That’s approximately one-quarter of the entire U.S. workforce. The freelance economy has created opportunities for people who want to make a living freelancing in their chosen field, and it’s an especially attractive opportunity for people who work in more competitive fields.

The freedom and flexibility of full-time freelancing are huge draws for people who choose this career path, but these benefits also come with downsides. There are a few challenges that any potential freelancer should be prepared to face. Freelance workforce experts shared their thoughts on what every professional freelancer and independent contractor should know.

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