Yoga at The Yard in Philly

To kick off the summer, The Yard invited their partners Honeygrow & PLUSGives to host an evening of yoga on the roof!

Danielle Corcione
Jun 20, 2017 · 1 min read

This post is part of the Millennial Freelancer’s partnership with the Yard: Midtown Village.

Photo by Danielle Corcione of the Millennial Freelancer

On Wednesday, June 7th, The Yard partnered with Honeygrow and PLUSgives to host a free yoga event. This was one of many events in a community series of free yoga sessions throughout the city, but it was the first for The Yard: Midtown Village, which opened just last month!

Alex Holmes, a Philadelphia-based instructor, led a class of 30 attendees that night through a series of stretches. With a background in choreography and dance, she is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy at Maryland University of Integrative Health. Additionally, she teaches classes open to the public at Three Queens Yoga in Queen Village and Maha Yoga in Rittenhouse Square.

Read the entire story on the Yard’s blog below:

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