Being lost…

Wanting to figure yourself out but not knowing how.

I know that there’s an itch that I can’t scratch because I don’t know where the itch is. It’s very unsettling being in a position where you want to help yourself but you don’t know how. It’s not that I’m not happy, I’m quite content, everything in my life is balanced and I’m a lucky person but I don’t feel fulfilled. I don’t know what it is, I just can’t put my finger on it. If, like me, you’re a deep thinker than you will struggle to see why people make themselves so concerned with the petty things, but thinking big is dangerous too. We are, after all, floating on a big rock through the middle of space with no actual purpose and although at times that can be a great comfort, it can also be scary. Is there a point to anything? Why am I settling? It’s important to figure out what makes us truly happy and waste no time going after that thing (or person). I’ve always been a great believer in chasing your dreams and all that jazz. It’s important. But when you feel like you are chasing your dreams, when you feel like you’re on a good path yet still feel like you want more? Then what? I can’t even conclude this post with an answer because I don’t have it, I just hope one day that I do.

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