Dear U.S.A…

Photographer:Trent Yarnell

Dear United States of America,

this is an open letter to all of you 324'856'923 and everyday more citizen of the United States of America.

I have just seen Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentation Before the Flood and currently there’s the election for the new president of the United States. As a citizien from an european country, I’m getting everyday punched into my face with news from the U.S, even if I’m not interested in it. So I guess, now it’s my turn.

I have some questions.

The DiCaprio’s documentary showed that there is still a very big amount of people who still believe that the climate change is a lie. How is this possible? Of course, the politician aren’t believing in that, they just do and say what their “sponsors” (mostly oil companies) tell them. And that isn’t a secret in fact, people just ignore it. I understand that. I don’t say it’s good, but it’s all about money. A lot of money.

But first, those people had to get to be elected. So who are those people, who votes for politician, who obviously are willing to lie in public for money? Because everybody knows that climate change is real, right? Except U.S americans…

I remember how 10 years ago, when we all started to be 100% aware about it and our teachers started to pick that topic up. They made more than once or twice times jokes about americans, because of the knowledge gap, cause they thought it’s a fairy tale. But after all this years there are still this kind of unedicated people around, seriously? How is that possible? Do you know that we non-americans are making fun about that? I’m just wondering if the rumors are right, that you all think that “America is the greatest country in the world! All the rest can lick our ass!”, or do you care what the rest of the world is thinking about you?

I guess it’s still point one. Sadly wise. If I look at your presidental candidates, one is a dumb version of hitler and the other is a two faced woman with a lot of secrets. So how did this two persons came this far? Why did you elected this kind of people as a presidental nominee? I think you choosed them, cause they entertained you the most.

Facts didn’t and don’t matters to you, right?


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a US-hater and I’m not a socialist. I like the thought behind the american dream. USA is a great country with a lot of opportunities for entrepeneurs. Actually I admire your kind of capitalism. But maybe it’s not the right kind of capitalism. I think there should be some limits and no-go areas for it. Like education, there’s no harm if companies sponsors schools and universities. But it shouldn’t be that people who are dumb but rich can join universities somehow and a genius without a cent, has to struggle or even give up. Never thought about that?

Your vote

I guess, it doesn’t matter how you vote next tuesday, probably it will be your mistake you need to do, to restart and overthink things.

— a young guy from europe

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