Ready ? Set, Go.

Ready ?

The minute you think about your futur, so many ideas come up you, and hunt you for days, then you finally stick for one ? Umm wait, not really ! You’re still doing some touch ups . And here’s the one and only perfect idea that finally suits you, shows up . So first of all, you need to get your a** off the couch, and go for a run to clear up your mind and maybe ,add some genious details to your futur. Runing and contemplating people leaves every single person thoughtful, and amazed by its surrounding environment. Every breath you pull up and down ,means a minute gained in enhancing your plan.

“ The starting point of all achievement is desire”

The bigger you see the brighter you think and so on. We all know that after putting an idea in our mind, it is hard later to change it or take it off. This is called “fearing changes”; i didn’t deny the fact that it can take the wrong way, but changes are always positive and for a better life, let’s just take an example of a girl who changed her hair cut and dried it , don’t you find her happy and loved for her blithe spirit ? Huh, see !


What a marathon selecting ideas , right ? As mom always says “ You just got started, you’ve seen nothing honey” and i always find her quote to be true. Once you choose the right path to go on, ONLY hard work is left. You start by a full schedul, meetings and internships . You are tired, but keep enhacing tho. Waking up early , setting your day goals, doing them and with perfection is already a big ultimatum. Trying to improve your way of doing thing day by day while keeping contact with friends and family is challeging. With almost 4 hours sleep a day, and 20 hours moving , 24 hours is no more enough for a such goal !


“Great acheivement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness”

Here you go , its your life , you acheived all the goals put. Live it as you see it, because you worked for it . Every single minute, was worth loosing it working hard. From now, YOU are your own HERO !

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