The World Is Not Made for The Lonely

Yesterday I watched a movie called A Swedish Love Story, I will not go into the details of the plot. The title itself reveals what the movie is all about — love. There was a line that spoke to me, an old man with tears in his eyes spoke to his kin:

The world isn’t…made for me. It’s not made for lonely people.

And this line made me think of how true it actually is. The world is not a place where the lonely can truly be free or happy, in love, thrive. I sometimes see that the loneliest people are the most sensitive. They see and perceive everything at a deep level, their emotions and feelings. The way they relate to others, how relationships work. They crave connection but find only estrangement. It’s as if the way they relate to the world is on a completely different level to others. And others can’t really understand them, sometimes I think the lonely don’t even want to be understood. How do you put into words that which is so hard to even speak about? Afraid of judgment and misunderstanding the lonely decide to keep it to themselves, why bother?

There is definitely a lot of stigma that comes from society to those that are loners. People will say that they are that way because they feel superior. Loners are seen as outcasts, weird, unfit.

Perhaps, the world is buzzing with trivial relationships and conversations, small talk, doing for the sake of it. And those crazy loners just see the absurdity of it all. They don’t dare say anything for they are in the minority and so they internalize even more.

But at the same time what can a life of loneliness and isolation offer? What can a life of confinement do? Life without love is pointless. If there is no love in your life, if you can’t feel love for another person, for yourself. It’s all pointless. Living just for the sake of it, and not actually experiencing life is so much worse than death. Unfortunately some never find that love, unfortunately not everything is alright.

I am certain that the loneliest people try the hardest to be happy and normal, but it’s a burden that not even other people can lift.

The lonely are the ones that dream of true love the most. Eventually love becomes a blur for they tend to forget the thin line between reality and imagination. Getting lost is unavoidable, finding love is just another hope for the future.

The lonely will watch the world from a distance, and the world will keep playing the game.

That’s how it always has been, that’s how it will always be.

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