The MK Tech Fund: And The Winners Are…


Find out who won £7,000 grants from Milton Keynes City Council to kick-start their startups.

Meet the winners: Tracx, Indi Local, Clera Healthcare, Zeroox and RavePool

What is the MK Tech Fund?

Once known for its roundabouts and quirky landmarks, Milton Keynes has undergone a remarkable transformation. With its recent elevation to city status, Milton Keynes is now making waves as the premier destination in the UK for startup tech businesses. This newfound status is not merely a label but is backed by substantial support from the local government and a burgeoning entrepreneurial community.

Milton Keynes City Council has taken a bold step forward in nurturing tech entrepreneurship. Through initiatives like the MK Tech Fund, the council is extending a helping hand to startups, offering grants of £7,000 to five promising ventures. The response to this initiative has been overwhelming, with the scheme being oversubscribed by a staggering 1000%. This enthusiastic response underscores the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit thriving within the city.

The MK Tech Fund is administered by us, the Milton Keynes Investors Group (MKIG), the largest not-for-profit angel network in the UK. We are known for providing a free platform for founders to pitch their ideas and have been instrumental in fostering a supportive ecosystem for startups.

And the winners are…


Founded by Dave Curran and Keith Williams, RavePool is a DJ record pool for independent music artists.

The MK Tech Fund provided us with a fantastic opportunity at the right time to turn our innovative idea into a new business — Milton Keynes is proving to be a great place to start a new tech company. Dave Curran.

If there’s one thing for sure, we cannot wait to attend the launch party!

Dave Curran, DJ and Founder of RavePool

Clera Heathcare

Founded by doctors Alice Appleton and Jon Abeles, Clera Healthcare is a communication app that helps NHS staff keep patient families informed.

We are so grateful to receive the MKIG Tech Fund grant. We were immediately welcomed into the Milton Keynes community and offered excellent support for us and our business. It is so refreshing to meet such forward-thinking people at MKIG and Milton Keynes Council, who have already shown so much enthusiasm in furthering our business. The £7k will make such a difference and we really look forward to making our business a success in Milton Keynes! Jonathan Abeles and Alice Appleton.


Founded by Luc Gibson, Tracx is a marketing toolkit to help local businesses understand customer behaviour, drive positive reviews, and increase customer loyalty.

I am absolutely thrilled that MKIG and the MK City Council have chosen to back our mission at TRACX. We are poised to accelerate our growth, enhance our product offerings, and expand our reach. This grant not only validates our efforts but also strengthens our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive sales and improve customer engagement. Luc Gibson.


Founded by Carina Xinxin Chen and backed by Cranfield University, Zeroox is a 21st-century approach to helping people find the right home through digital house viewings and searches.

The MKIG Tech Fund will be absolutely crucial in the growth of Zeroox! It’s more than just financial support; being associated with MKIG will open doors and strengthen our brand, enabling us to establish connections across various UK universities. Together, we’re making that next-level magic happen. Carina Xinxin Chen.

Indie Local

Founded by Vanessa Anderson, Indi Local is an app that helps you find street food trucks and local pop-up events. Launching on March 15th, 2024, we’re super excited to try the app and eat out like kings.

The support from the MK Tech Fund has come at an exciting time for Indi Local as it coincides with our initial launch to the public. Our mission is to make it easier than ever to find and support local street food businesses, so the MK Tech Fund is the perfect partnership for us as we share the same vision to boost the local economy. We look forward to making an impact in a city that deserves its stamp on the map. Vanessa Anderson.

Vanessa Anderson, Founder of Indi Local and team.

What’s next?

The journey doesn’t end with the initial grant. One of these startups will have the opportunity to secure an additional £5,000 in funding at MKIG’s Pitch Party, on June 17th, 2024. Furthermore, they will gain access to MKIG’s extensive network of angel investors, opening doors to further investment. The event is open to all and set to be a great evening of inspiring pitches and networking. Register for a free ticket here.

Thank you for reading

With its forward-thinking initiatives and supportive ecosystem, Milton Keynes is emerging as a beacon for tech startups in the UK. The success of the MK Tech Fund underscores the city’s commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. As the chosen startups embark on their journey, they carry with them the promise of transforming industries, creating jobs, and putting Milton Keynes firmly on the map as a hub for technological innovation.