“Attitude is the invisible force behind the way we live our lives.”

(Plus 20 other quotes from my books)

These are 21 of my favourite quotes taken from my books on leadership, management and agility.

  1. We don’t just want change; we want it to be successful, we want it to stick and we want it to prepare us for the next change.
  2. Strategy is not something you do once a year and big; it’s something you do every day a little.
  3. In a changing world we have no choice but to change with it. In Darwinist terms the choice is to change now, change soon or die slowly.
  4. Changing people can be easier than changing people.
  5. Are you on purpose?
  6. Organization structures are not “built to last”.
  7. Leadership is not a job title; it’s a role.
  8. If it’s lonely at the top, then you’ve done something wrong.
  9. Leadership is the alignment of motivation, talent and energy behind a purpose such that action is taken and results are achieved.
  10. Leadership is an opportunity for us all to shape dreams into reality.
  11. The lesson from Silicon Valley: is not to get in the way of innovation, not to stifle it with bureaucracy, to be excellently networked and have some fun into the bargain.
  12. Manage like you’re going out of business. Or you might soon be.
  13. Creating and reacting comprise the same letters; it’s a question of how we choose to arrange them.
  14. The art of judgment is the ability to be wholly involved in a situation and, at the same time, to be detached from the outcome.
  15. The key to achieving what we want is behavioural flexibility. If your current behaviour is not moving towards your goals, it’s time to change your behaviour.
  16. Attitude is the invisible driving force behind the way we live our lives.
  17. People change because they want to, not because they are told to.
  18. Motivation is for free…just get the hell out of people’s way.
  19. I haven’t met anybody who likes to fail, yet we all do it with remarkable success.
  20. Although we can put on a pretty good show of rationality, we are often illogical, unreasonable, neurotic, emotional, anxious and highly irrational.
  21. It is seldom our abilities that keep us from moving to a new level, it’s our beliefs about our abilities.

My favourite is number two. What’s yours? Quotes are from my books available at the links below.

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