Be Safe Out There Kiddos (a Vlog)

Watching a rescue at Hermit Falls near Chantry Flat in the Angeles National Forest is a great reminder… BE SAFE.

I love adventuring in the mountains just as much as the next guy, I even take some risks now and then (shhhh don’t tell my mother), but you still have to respect the danger of the wild. Your path is not known, so you better look out for yourself and your well being along the way to see that you get wherever you’re going.

Beyond a place to have fun and get a little grounded, the wilderness deserves our respect. It’s not cozy like the city, with phone service and ADA ramps at every corner. You have to become an expert at knowing your limits, and just how far to push them. It takes time. Have patience.

I made a little vlog about the whole experience, including footage from the rescue. I hope you enjoy, and maybe learn something from it as I have tried to do.

(and if anyone finds my gray The North Face hiking hat that flew down the Big Santa Anita Canyon from helicopter wind, please message me on Instagram @jasonjourneman. I loved that thing.)

— — —

**Urban Disconnection is a project of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument/Angeles National Forest Artist in Residence program, with the goal of inspiring Angelenos to explore, enjoy, and protect our majestic backyard.

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