Inspiration Point

It’s that feeling you get out in nature,
When the hawk flies by and whistles it’s caw,
When you get to the top of the peak and look out over the 360° expanse,
When the cool wind of a waterfall abruptly elbows you back an inch,
When the breeze kicks up and you pause to feel the hum and sway of the towering trees.

Inspiration Point in the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument

The feeling is inspiration.
Motivation, innovation, connection to the world around us.
Revelation, imagination, connection to ourselves.

It makes us want to paint pictures and write songs.
It makes me want to take photos, clearly. 
It gives us all hope.
It makes you love it with all that you are.
It makes you want to protect it for everyone else.

getting inspired at the top of Kratka Ridge in the San Gabriel Mountains

Every mountain range and park has spot called “inspiration point”,
But in reality, each contains thousands of points of inspiration.

Go find yours.

— — —

**Urban Disconnection is a project of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument/Angeles National Forest Artist in Residence program, with the goal of inspiring Angelenos to explore, enjoy, and protect our majestic backyard.