All of Los Angeles in a Little Lake

Finding the community of the city, in the community of the wild.

Jackson Lake on the San Andreas Fault, extra blue from the winter snow melt

Jackson Lake is like so LA (metaphorically speaking).

New batches of hopefuls carted in regularly (trout), folks staking their claim now in a much bigger pond (koi), visitors just checking out the sights for a season (migrating birds), constant hustling for survival (lizards and squirrels), a few native citizens born and raised (turtles), a cluster of skyscrapers towering over it all (stately sequoias). Like LA, it’s dripping with both beauty and grit. Did I mention it’s all a “sink pond” that sits directly on the San Andreas fault?

It’s “like” LA, but then it’s obviously totally not. Minutes away physically, but lightyears away therapeutically.

Find yourself in nature, and find the world.

— — —

**Urban Disconnection is a project of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument/Angeles National Forest Artist in Residence program, with the goal of inspiring Angelenos to explore, enjoy, and protect our majestic backyard.