Nature is Everywhere

My favorite place to find a moment of peace, to get mindful, is in nature.

“But not everyone can go out in nature as much as you do,” you bemoan. “We have a kids and obligations and busy jobs and live in cities!”

It’s true, I know, some people live in dense urban jungles, far removed from the actual jungle. Most people don’t have time or resources to take a month off and volunteer in Yosemite. Just about everyone enjoys nature to a degree, even if it’s just a bouquet of flowers in a vase, but getting outside all the time isn’t always easy or accessible.

Or so you’ve been led to believe.

I might argue nature if closer than you think. I might suggest the difference between the mountains and the city is smaller than you think.

Certainly the mountains have a much more direct relationship to the serenity and identity we find in nature. The views here at Yosemite are spectacular. The cliff faces unparalleled. The sequoia trees magnificent. The power of nature really punches you in the gut here.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret, the Yosemite Valley is basically a small tourist town. Markets, apartments, hotels, restaurants, shops, and bars. There is a clinic, fire stations, offices, and a library. It even has (GASP!) traffic. Basically, it’s much like any town in this country, except it just happens to be surrounded by resplendence.

Civilization is truly everywhere.

In the city I normally live in, Los Angeles, it’s a little more difficult to find serenity. Markets, apartments, restaurants, bars, and traffic all abound.

But I’ll let you in on another little secret, Los Angeles is also surrounded by resplendence as well. It has Griffith Park, the San Gabriel and Santa Monica Mountains, a stunning coastline, and nearby Joshua Tree and Channel Islands National Parks. The resplendence is a little harder to come by and you might have to drive a bit to get there, but it’s there, as long as you go look for it.

Nature is truly everywhere as well.

You can live in a national park or you could just visit for a weekend, and you’re gonna find some of the peace through nature. But you can also find a small piece of that peace in your own backyard. Anything from your local mountains, forest, or seashore to the garden you tend at your home all gives you a little bit of that wonderment nature inspires.

So go out and find some nature wherever you are, and wherever you find it, notice how you start to find yourself. ​

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