Out of the City, Into the Wild

So often we make the mistake of of assuming we have to give up the wild in order to live in the modern. Society has spent millennia trying to control nature, to the point where so many of us forget it even exists.

lupines in the San Gabriels

But nature is our lifeblood, it’s the essence of our evolution as a species. Our ancestors lived amongst it, and relished in it. When we give up the wild for the modern, we give up a piece of our soul.

It’s OK to cut the cord once in awhile. It’s OK to spend some time in the quiet of the mountains. It’s OK to let it all go for a minute.

Whether it’s long-term camping or a short-term picnic, disconnecting the tether is freeing — your mind and soul are allowed to roam. There’s no vibration coming from your pocket, only warmth coming from your soul. There’s no Siri to ask questions, only your own mind to answer them. There’s no Google Maps to give you direction, the only direction is of your own choosing.

human in the San Gabriels

Nothing against technology. I mean hell, I’m using it to type and post this right now. Urban disconnection is just a suggestion, that maybe you should escape the city for nature once in a while, that maybe I think you’ll really like it.

No, not maybe, definitely. You’ll definitely like it.

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