The Ocean’s Eleven way to Project Management

What we can learn about adhocracy and flexible management from a popular Hollywood film

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The Hierarchy of Teams

Adhocracy: A new way of Management

The Basic Structure of Adhocracy

Ocean’s Eleven: an example of adhocracy in project management

The benefits of adhocracy in project management

How to use adhocracy in your projects

  • Define the scope of a project and the main objective.
  • Choose people with different, complementary skills.
  • Make sure everyone knows the main objective of the project and why it’s so special.
  • Divide and conquer: create a path towards the main objective, divide it into sub-goals and assign them to the right people (according to their skills).
  • Set deadlines, maybe a bit tight but realistic.
  • Make sure everyone knows their sub-goal, why it’s so important and how it will affect the rest of the activities. Pro Tip: a good way to communicate goals and objectives is the Commander’s Intent.
  • Create a smart updating routine (you’ll receive updates from them every day or every week, depending on the length of the activity) and let them do their magic.
  • Be ready to give help and advice, if needed, but don’t interfere or micromanage.

Bottom Line

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