New Minimalism

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Our lives are surrounded by content and technology. The only escape is to hold down the On/Off button and swipe to power off. Quiet is the new black. No vibrations, no dings, fewer distractions. A new kind of luxury has emerged, a more mindful, in the moment sort of living. Where technology is put on the back burner for a little while.

It’s a process that still falls back on traditional minimalist values. Striping your living space of the unnecessary. Leaving only what matters. The things that create happiness. Not a happiness created by the owning of the object but of the way the object functions.

For example, say you’ve acquired 3 types of headphones, a pair that stay your ears for when you work out, the pair that came with your phone which you use on the go for music and phone calls, and a pair of over the ear headphones for serious music listening. 3 of essentially the same thing. 3 cords to worry about keeping untangled, 3 things to keep from getting lost. Get rid of 2 of them and keep the one which produces the most enjoyment and best serves all your needs.

Applying this approach to everything in your home will result in a calmer habitat. Declutter, condense, rearrange, remove, and recycle. Simplifying your living space results in a quiet serene place to retreat to after a day of work. Where once your devices are off, and you’ve unplugged, you enter into an uncrowded safe haven where you can collect your thoughts and relax.

Don’t let stress, distractions, and technology follow you through the front door. Keep it all in check. Happy minimizing!

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