Where Do Minimalists Spend Money?

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You might assume that a minimalist lives a miserable life. Not owning things in our culture, for some people means being sad.

If you had to write down a list of things you would do if you win the lottery tomorrow, that list would probably have the first 5 spots dedicated to buying some kind of material thing.

It could be a Lamborghini, a new house or whatever you don’t really need to make you look rich and powerful and even to buy fake relationships and feelings.

If I would win the lottery tomorrow I am definitely not going to buy meaningless things. In this article, I am going to tell you what I would buy as a minimalist and what as a minimalist I buy even without winning the lottery.

I am going to explain to you where according to me is worth to spend your money and still consider yourself a minimalist.

Where Is Worth To Spend Money According To A Minimalist

I consider my self a minimalist not because I like to be part of a community of people or some rules. I just think that this is an accurate word to define the way I am living.

I don’t drink nor smoke because those events are many times senseless. I don’t think that we are supposed to breathe smoke and drink stuff that tastes bad.

Also for gambling, I don’t think that any of us deserve stuff for free.

What we all aim in life should be to leave a mark and something to be reminded of that changed and improved your life and somebody else life.

The best way to do this is by learning things and stay curious your whole life.

What makes me happy when I go to sleep is the fact that tomorrow I will wake up and I will be able to experience the world with other eyes.

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As a minimalist, I spend my money on a meaningful object for my persona. I love to explore new roads and cities so I need a car that drives me around.

I like to spend money on things that engage my creativity and personal development.

Going for a hike with a group of people that have interests similar to mine it’s like taking 50 courses at the University.

With knowledge and experience, I become a better person and then suddenly I start to make money that I can re-invest in more knowledge.

What Is Knowledge

Knowledge is the result that comes from curiosity.

If you are a curious person there is no need to own new things and spend your money on stuff that will make you a better-looking person.

Take the example of a kid, for him throwing a toy in a puddle or jumping all day long makes his life meaningless and cheap.

There is no need to buy things if you are curious and willing to put efforts to see things you already saw under another light.

What Things I Buy Right Now And I Would Buy If I Had Unlimited Money

Minimalists spend money on experiences and personal growth.

I personally spend money on:

  • gasoline to drive around,
  • food,
  • road trips,
  • trips,
  • giving away money to people that need them for ambitious plans,
  • on my online businesses,
  • and freedom.
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If I had unlimited money, I would probably spend my unlimited money on the same things but probably on another scale.

Instead of eating out once in a while I would go every single day in a different place! I would not pay the rent for a house but I could just travel around and maybe buying a house in my hometown.

I would still keep my life simple and meaningful and my biggest goal would always be to never stop learning.

It saddens me when I see people I know and some of my family members as well spending their lives watching tv or playing games on their smartphone or scrolling the social media.

They all wait for the weekend where they can go out spend money on beer and parties where the music is so loud that you can not even talk to the other people around you.

The world wants you to stay dumb and without you even know it the society has taught you a series of things to do to have fun that actually make you only weaker and a slave of society.


The end of this story is pretty simple, and what you should understand is that a minimalist doesn’t count on the money.

If you live a meaningful life and a simple life it doesn’t matter how much money you make or have, you would use the money you have exactly the same way.

There is absolutely nothing that I would love to buy or do that I don’t already do.

This is not because I am rich but it’s because I see things under another perspective and I am curious and thirsty for knowledge day after day which is free stuff.

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