The One Page Test Plan

Search for ‘How to write a test plan’ on the internet and there are all sorts of templates, ‘must haves’, tutorials and lots more. When it comes to creating test plans, there are so many ways to do it, and so many things to consider, it’s easy to end up more confused than you were before. People end up putting certain information in ‘just to be on the safe side’, as it seems better to include it than not. It might be important to someone, right? Once it’s written, reviewed, edited, finalised, and distributed to all the relevant stakeholders, it’s quite common to find out later than almost no-one has actually read it.

Test This Mindset

Another 99 second talk contributed by Helena Beckert in NZ! No excuse not to watch, it will only take 99 seconds!

TestBash Netherlands — Early Bird Ends 30th of November!

Struggling with leading change?

There’s a Masterclass for that!

When Songkick reached the point of having code that was so difficult to work with, and release processes that were so cautious that we couldn’t release anything without weeks of fighting, we knew something had to change. Deciding to make a change turned out to be the easy part. Register for this Masterclass!

Pulling It All Together

This is a thinly veiled cry for help….those of us that work in industries which have stacks of legacy applications ‘supported’ by piles of manual tests (either as raw excel sheets or piled up in any number of test management applications (new like HP-ALM or old like Empirix or T-Plan), early attempts at UI only automation through some QTP esque tool and some shiny new stuff to support our scrum

Is Test Causing Your Live Problems? — Gwen Diagram

Do you encounter fear pressing that deploy button? Are you worried that once you deploy to live you’ll be monitoring the servers, waiting for calls and tucking yourself into your sleeping bag at work for a late night? Sometimes deploying to live causes things to go bang and you’ll wonder, what the hell has happened? Have you asked yourself, how closely does your test environment actually match live and do you know the differences? Available on The Dojo…

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