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TestBash Philadelphia — Last few tickets remaining!

TestBash Philadelphia is fast approaching and we’re down to our last remaining tickets. Join us for 2 days — Thursday 10th November — Friday 11th November 2016 — for an opportunity to meet other testers and contribute to the future of software testing.Book now.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Teamwork for Software Testers

To better be able to work in teams, as testers we need to understand what it is we do and also be in a confident position to explain what we do to others. You will most likely come up with your own versions for your own situation. Here are some concepts to get you started. Read more…

Abby and James talk about a road to enlightenment

We catch up with Abby and James to chat about the the totally cool surprise they have planned to take to the stage at TestBash Philadelphia. Leveraging their first-hand experiences collaborating as developer and tester, they will guide you on a journey to an exciting land of enlightenment. Cue the house lights, drop the curtain and listen up!

Get A Taste At Becoming A Maker — Submit A 99 Second Talk Online

Big things come to those that make! Come and take a small first step at contributing something to the testing community through a99 second online talk.

Job: Software Quality Lead — London

Hudl is changing the future of sports technology. We build video analysis tools for teams around the world, at every level of competition. Our software provides over 3.5 million coaches and athletes the insight they need to win.

At Hudl, we take quality seriously. We need a Quality Lead to work across teams to ensure our quality practices are measured, consistent, and constantly improving.

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