The modern, minimalist phone manifesto

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What’s Minium?

Minium is a mineral. A beautifully orange, organic compound. For us, it’s a reminder of both the beauty of the unexpected and the importance of engaging with the world around us.

Minium is a company. A company that creates tools to help us disconnect and do more of what we love.

Minium is a phone. The first modern, minimalist phone. Minium helps you create the mental space and freedom to be creative, productive and happy.

Why a new phone?

We believe in a future with less distraction and more creativity.

Technology addiction and over-connection are real issues. There are infinite solutions to help manage tech-dependence, but we think the best solution is to simply get rid of the biggest issue — our smartphones. Since the smartphone is at the center of our “always-on” lives it’s the main culprit behind the negative effects of over-connection. We aren’t technophobes and still want to be connected, but think there is a better way. It’s possible to switch to one of the existing, feature phone handsets, but most are painful to use and poorly designed.

Minium is intuitive and beautiful. It over-delivers on the core functionality, while stripping away the unnecessary.

We believe that more advanced logic based on tracking every aspect of your behaviors isn’t the only way. In being more mindful — through thoughtful decisions on how to implement each feature and as important, which features to omit — we can forward intentional technology.

We challenge the idea that the only future is one where technology takes over every aspect of our lives.

Existing technology giants don’t believe in that future so it’s up to us — the smaller, grassroots players — to build it.

These are our core principles:

  1. We make practical, beautiful things. Less is more. Simple should be beautiful.
  2. Over-connection is a real problem and we provide an exciting new way to disconnect from the digital world to unleash your mind from mental clutter.
  3. We believe in transparency: from manufacturing and revenue models, to company culture and values.
  4. We value privacy and don’t collect unnecessary data. We will never sell our customers’ data. We are entirely transparent with our data collection practices.

Tell me more!

Interested? We would love to hear more from you! Have you tried to disconnect from your smartphone? Have you installed apps to manage distractions? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your technology but not sure where to start?

Email us at Sign up for our email newsletter to be the first to know when the Minium phone is released here: Follow us on Twitter.

This is the start of an exciting journey. We hope you’ll join us.

The first smartphone designed to support wellbeing 💖 |

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