Coca-Cola’s Girthright™ Program Offers Free Factory Tours to Obese Youth

ATLANTA—Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola has unveiled a new outreach program that pledges to provide free 10-day tours of its Atlanta headquarters to obese young men and women from around the world.

Girthright™, which is open to anyone between the ages of 18–26 and the weights of 300–500 pounds, is completely free of charge and promises to help participants discover the roots of their overweight identity.

“This is about uniting the fat diaspora,” said Coca-Cola’s director of education Mike Mahone at a press conference earlier this week. “Young fats around the world are getting heavier and heavier, but less and less aware of what makes them that way. Our goal is to ensure no Coke drinker has to live their statistically shorter life without a firsthand look at the rich traditions that course through their veins.”

“By which I mean sugar,” Mahone added. “Just truckloads of sugar.”