5 Major Signs That You Are in the Wrong Job

Feeling stuck? Here are 5 major signs you are in the wrong job:

1. You Have Nothing Left to Learn

There will come a time when you reach a plateau.

Nothing feels new and, even worse, you are able to every task with minimal exertion. Every single day you arrive to work knowing that you will be bored for the following eight hours.

When you can get away with it, you spend your time shopping online, reading the news, and going on social idea, knowing that you are able to do everything that needs to be done within half an hour.

There are no new skills to be developed, no new lessons to be learned and no new opportunities within the company that you can switch to in the foreseeable future.

If this resonates with you, life might be telling you to spread your wings.

2. You Look Forward to Fridays

When you work for a company that excites you, you do not mind the grind. In fact, you thrive on dirt, the struggle, and the problems that only you can find the solution to.

You do not want to let your boss or team down, and so you work hard each and every day to provide a meaningful contribution.

That means nothing to you.

If you catch yourself staring at the clock, counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until happy hour or the weekend… it’s clear that you do not find your job remotely interesting or fulfilling. Although work is, ultimately, work, there still needs to be aspects about it that you enjoy or believe in.

If you are only living for the weekends, it’s time to move on.

3. You Don’t Want to Talk About Work

Ever hear a friend tell you that they do not want to talk about work? That is because they despise their job so much that they do not even want to actively think about it unless they are getting paid.

People who enjoy their work love talking about what they do.

They want to share what they are learning about and the challenges they face. Hearing someone talk about their work gives people around them a sense of envy — since they clearly have found what they want to do.

If you don’t have anything nice to say about your job, please note that your feelings will probably not change the longer you stay there.

4. You Don’t Enjoy the Company Culture

Do you hate that you work in a cubicle?
Do you hate that you have three unnecessary meetings every single day?
Do you hate that no one socializes outside of work?

“Fit” is more important than you think.

You need to consider what kind of work environment you thrive in and think about exploring your options if you feel the workplace is not bringing out the best in you.

If you like your job but hate your bosses and co-workers, your work may not be enough for you to want to be in the company of these individuals for forty hours each week.

5. Money is the Most Important Thing

Work is more than a paycheque.

Work should encourage you to grow, explore and interact with other like-minded people. Although every job has its flaws, you at least have to be able to name some redeeming factors (aside from the salary).

Do not waste your life, bored as hell, in a sub-par environment. Both you and your company deserve more than that.
If you are solely reporting to work every morning strictly for the paycheque, you need to leave as soon as possible.

No job is perfect.

But some jobs are better suited for you than others.

Do yourself a favour and write out a list of traits that your ideal job contains, and then rank each trait in terms of value. You may not get everything that you hope, but you will eventually find a company that matches your skills, personality and ambitions.

You only have one life. Don’t waste it being stuck at a job that you hate.

Thanks for reading!

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