I Hate the West Coast Road Trip

West Coast

I haven’t been able to watch my squad all week. Not that I missed much except a low-scoring split of four games against Seattle. Luckily the Dodgers and Angles series weekend series with either earlier start times or no work the next morning.

People say there is an east coast bias to scheduling sporting events. I call complete bullshit on that. What is so biased about starting a baseball game at 10 o’clock at night? I can literally catch 2 innings before I opt for sleepy time. Sorry, when I was 15 it was no problem to stay up until 1 am with no school until September (or late August because Baby Boomers hate their Millenial children).

I also respect the fact that there are people who work the second shift that don’t mind the later start times. I remember when I was in my twenties waiting tables and got excited for these late start times in the summer months. Not being able to sit down, have a beer, and watch the Sox consistently was really depressing for several years so these opportunities were a lift. But the team didn’t always do so well on the west coast since traveling is a drag and teams like the Giants, Angels, and A’s normally boasted good teams.

Plus, screw the east coast bias nonsense! Have you ever watched sports on the west coast? It’s absolutely amazing! Being a frequent Vegas traveler myself, imagine getting up on a Sunday morning in the spring, having breakfast, then heading down to the nearest sports book for a 10:30 am start time to watch the Red Sox vs the Rays. Or how about on a Friday afternoon when the start time vs. the Orioles at Fenway is at 4 pm your time? You can sit at the hotel bar, get some nachos and light beer, and watch the entire game before heading upstairs to get ready for your night out.

Oh, I haven’t even brought up the fact that in the fall, you can roll out of bed at 8 am to watch NFL pregame shows, set your fantasy lineup, and place your bets (if gambling were legal) before a 10 am kickoff. And with the night game starting at 5pm, you can actually go to bed at a decent hour rather than having to fight alcohol fatigue until 11:30.

This needs to change. Can all teams just move to the west coast? Should I move to the west coast? Could I change everything and become The Slightly Less Miserable Vegas Fan?

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