10 Best Gifts for the Modern Man

These are our deals and picks for the best gifts for all the modern men out there. This one is for the leaders, achievers, and those being and becoming everything that a man should.

This Giftsicle is packed with our picks for: the best clothes, grooming, comfy wear, learning materials, travel experiences, tech, work equipment, entertainment, food and drink, plus a gift for Dads who want to connect with their kids. It’s brought to you by our friends at Indochino. They make the best suits, personally tailored, and available online for speedy delivery.

1. A Tailored Suit from Indochino

Most suits are expensive and don’t fit well. Yet for any executive (or aspiring executive) the perfect fitting suit is a must have. Indochino is the first company we’ve seen that offers: stylish suits for a fraction of the retail price, and that has an incredible tailor service. A well tailored suit can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Indochino makes it easy to get your measurements, and get paired up with the perfect suit. We’ve wrangled you the ultimate Black Friday deal: up to 70% and $510 off select suits. Use the code BLKFRI and get Door Crasher suits for $289!

2. The Best Suit Accessories from MVMT

Check these out!

This matte black watch and sunglasses from MVMT will match everything and any suit you’ll buy. They’re a versatile addition to any man’s wardrobe.

3. Harry’s Shaving Products

It’s a pain to go to the store every time you need a new razor blade. You know you need to change razors more often, and it can be easy to forget. Harry’s razors are excellent quality razors, they’re affordable, and you can set delivery to make it easy to always have fresh, clean, and sharp disposable razors on hand.

4. North Face Thermoball Hoodie

For casual winter wear, down jackets are awesome. But sometimes they can be too bulky, or be astronomically priced. We’ve tried several, and found that The North Face’s Thermoball Hoodie is hard to beat. The North Face jackets we’ve owned have all lasted and still look great (some are 10 years old!).

5. For Dads Who Want to Connect

Finally, for all those men that are Dads, check out the Personalized Children’s Book

The perfect gift to inspire awe into your child’s mind. Have them gasping in wonder on how the heck this real book has their real name and details included in it. The magic of Christmas doesn’t have to be just about unwrapping presents, but in sharing a belief in something greater, even if you’re the one who designs it. It’s a simple process: pick out a book, enter some details about the kid in question, pay a little cash ($25 to $30), and get the personalized book within a week. The love of reading can never be a bad gift. Go get ’em, little tike and toddle all the live long day.

6. Elysium Basis for the Foundation of Health

We’ve been looking for a supplement to help with energy and cognition. There have never been more supplements on the market, and one company cut through the noise. Elysium’s Basis is the perfect blend of science backed nutrients designed by a team that is serious about creating (and always improving) a supplement designed to help you live a more full (and healthier) life.

Elysium’s Basis is a great pick for men looking to get healthier, and their research is backed by some heavy hitting studies and scientists.

7. Entertainment Meets Edutainment

When you have down time, it’s easy to opt for entertainment. It’s a bit more challenging to go the edutainment route, but the payoffs are worth it. Audible is our favorite subscription for learning, and we’ll (soon) be posting our favorite audiobooks of 2017.

8. Adventures and Travels


Secret Escapes is the best deal sites for rooms, adventures, and excursions that are a fraction of the retail price. They are all typically last minute deals, so you’ll have to be flexible. But you won’t find such nice places for so cheap anywhere else.

9. One of the Best Gifts for Productivity and Focus


For a stocking stuffer that helps with productivity and focus, the Markings notebooks are the best. They’re priced competitively, well made, and the larger sizes are ready for those who love to do lists and planning. Highly recommended.

10. Say Hello to Better Food & Drinks


Healthy food, ready to cook, paired with the perfect wine, and everything is delivered on time. We love HelloFresh!

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