10 Essential Guides to Enterprise Sales

Here are some excellent resources & guides to better understand enterprise sales. These resources span all sorts of concepts appropriate for early-stage founders and anyone generally interested in the subject: pricing, metrics, management, business development, sales tools to use, and more.

Getting Started

The Enterprise Sales Guide by Work-Bench. A broad collection of articles addressing sales basics, pricing, how to get your first dozen customers, how to measure your progress, and how to scale your sales organization.

Resources for Founders by Peter Kazanjy. A collection of sales resources spanning: Getting started, scaling sales, management, marketing resources, and recruiting.


The Ultimate SaaS Pricing Resources Guide by Kyle Poyar. A collection of resources that describe SaaS pricing, more specifically, how to publish a pricing page,choose the right pricing structure,generate & qualify leads, nudge customers, sell into the enterprise, and learn from past successes/failures.

SaaS Metrics

SaaS Metrics 2.0 by David Skok. A comprehensive description of common SaaS metrics that are important in understanding and optimizing a SaaS business and a sales process.

The Key Drivers for SaaS Success also by David Skok. A slide deck presented at SaaStr on basic SaaS metrics, unit economics, LTV, churn, and more.

Sales Management

Getting Sales Right by A16Z. A podcast by Peter Levine and Daniel Shapero of LinkedIn on how to build & scale a sales organization.

Sales Management Definition, Process, Strategies and Resources by Pipedrive. A guide on how to build a sales team (sales operations), define the sales process (sales strategy), and report on results & progress (sales analytics).

Business Development

The Guide to Business Development and Partnerships by James Cohane. A collection of articles that explain what business development is, how it differs from sales, why it matters, and when/how to execute on it.


The 2015 Ultimate Guide to Startup Sales Tools by Nic Poulos. A collection of 105 sales tools that are useful for startups to leverage as they build their sales infrastructure.

The Complete Guide to Building the Perfect Sales Stack by Brandon Redlinger. A list of tools for lead generation, lead management, product demonstration, and closing.

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