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Francesco D'Alessio
Aug 2, 2017 · 7 min read

Podcasts are one of the best ways to absorb actionable information on the go and hands-free.

There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there providing countless episodes of knowledge and insight on how to become a more productive individual, believe me, I’ve seen many of them. There are a handful that I wanted to note down and share with you that I’ve been able to find value in and applied it to my efforts on YouTube and in the startup scene.

As I look down at my podcasts app, Overcast FM, I am very grateful for all the times I’ve walked into work or been listening these at home and been able to apply them the next day to my work or even to my personal projects to work more effectively and save my time.

Here are those recommendations:

1. The Tim Ferriss Show: Growth-hacking Podcast

The best podcast award has to go to Tim Ferriss here.

His podcast is one of the world’s leading audio experiences. Perfect for those in the business world but also into the art of hacking your body, mind and productivity. Tim brings on the world’s top performers who deliver fantastic 2-hour long podcasts on how they get things done, what motivates them and how they’ve managed to climb to the top! Well-worth it!

Listen here to the Tim Ferriss Show!

2. Master of Scale by Reid Hoffman

Only discovering this around 2-months ago, this has quickly jumped into my top 10 podcasts. Reid Hoffman, creator of the famous LinkedIn brings you an interactive podcast on everything startups. Interviewing the world’s top startup founders in a fun, engaging way. These 20–30-minute podcasts will have you gripped from day one and the lessons will stay with you for your own projects, for sure!

Listen here for the Masters of Scale!

3. Simplify from Blinkist

This brand new Podcast comes from the creators of one of my favourite learning applications, Blinkist. Simplify is a new podcast aimed to help interview the world’s top performers and capture their actionable nuggets of knowledge, unlike Tim and Reid, the podcast goes a little more personal with the stars allowing for a tad more depth to be revealed, only my opinion. Blinkist is a very useful companion to the podcast by delivery non-fiction books in a 15-minute audio read, both perfect for on the go!

Listen here for the Simplify series (6 episodes)!

4. The Productivity Podcast by Paul Minors

Paul Minors delivers one of my favourite podcasts, although he has paused it for now, Paul has a lot of content from this series.

Everything from article audio to interviews with working individuals who have been successful in their field. What I like about Paul’s podcast is the questions he asks to gather the best answer. A few years ago, when Paul was kicking off the podcast he invited me on, the questioning was fantastic, on that podcast I went very thorough with my answers thanks to the great planning and preparation.

Listen here for the Productivity Podcast!

5. The Upgrade by Lifehacker

One of my favourite online magazines, Lifehacker curates a fantastic podcast here with lots of actionable advice points from the health space all the way to the finance space too. What I liked about the Upgrade podcast was that one week I could be listening to how I could optimise my finances for every day use and the next week I was exploring how I could boost my coffee intake to be more productive, the range of content is brilliant and from such a well made source. Highly recommend the Upgrade podcast! Give it a go!

Listen here for the The Upgrade Podcast!

6. Self-Made Man

Don’t worry ladies. Don’t shy away! The self-made man covers insights from successful individuals in the business space. The range of coverage, again, is very strong with features focusing solely on marketing and others diving into health and fitness. There is lots of productivity-focused content here too. Self-made man is definitely something you’ll enjoy if you like hearing stories of success and failure.

Listen here for the Self Made Man Podcast!

7. Organise Mindfully

This is probably one of the most focused towards getting organised. A podcast dedicated to getting your organised is a fantastic way to start getting your things in order. Everything from Evernote to GTD is discussed in the Organised Mindfully podcast and a great way for a newbie productivity fan to get into the more advanced level productivity. Newbies, you’ll love this content!

Listen here for the Organize Mindfully Podcast!

8. Gary Vee Audio Experience

Having been a follower of Gary Vaynerchuk’s for a while now, his content is very motivation. If you’re looking for a dose of motivation before you start your productive day, then Gary Vee is your man.

His short interviews about the world of work, or marketing, or even growth-hacking and getting started will help you break through any struggles you are having. His motivational value is high and his charisma is fantastic too. If you get a moment, check out the video versions of these on YouTube too, awesome to watch and learn from.

Listen here for the Gary Vee Audio Podcast!

9. 5AM Miracle by Jeff Sanders

The morning struggle doesn’t need to happen. These regular segments on how to get up early and take advantage of the first few hours of your day might just be the way you make it to the next level. 5AM is an early time to wake up, you don’t have to wake up at this time to enjoy the podcast, people who rise at 6AM, 7AM and 8AM enjoy a lot of the advice of sleep, the first hour of your day and how to maximise your productivity and energy levels, all vital to doing everything you want in your day. Presenter Jeff is fantastic and full of energy too!

Listen here for the 5AM Miracle Podcast!

10. Home Work

Calling those remote workers. Or anyone who works from home occasionally, you’ll adore this podcast. Home work explores the world of working from home. A great opportunity to see into the world of productive working at home. There are many myths that working from home can be in-effective for productivity, but this podcast really goes into detail on the topics of working from home and how you can use your time wisely to spend time with your family and separate your work.

Listen here for the Home Work Podcast!

Notable Mentions

Naturally there are still so many that I haven’t mentioned. Many that have a lot of value and benefit to those out there looking to boost their productivity. For a bonus, I wanted to add a few more, 4 more, to be precise.

  • Eureka by Baron Fig — A fresh new podcast for creative thinkers. This podcast is all about thinkers and doers. Interviewing successful individuals in the creative space! Listen today!
  • Mac Power Users — Are you a Mac user? You’ll love this podcast. Regular features on how to maximise your everyday with your Mac. Worth it if you are using it as you daily laptop to help take advantage of all of the power and features. Boosted productivity, I think so! Listen here!
  • The EntreLeadership Podcast — For leadership and confidence this podcast is smashing! Covering all types of topics this will go into how others work and how you an take on their leadership and work habits to master your business or project. Listen here today!
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin — Every day happiness can contribute to your productivity. If you are happy, you’ll be more productive. Naturally Gretchen dives right into this. Gretchen, author and host will really go into so much depth about topics of health, daily happiness and productivity too, sharing life experiences and interviewing others.

Author bio: Francesco D’Alessio. If you’d like to follow my work I’m on Twitter and on YouTube making videos about how to get stuff done. Thank you!

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