10 Tiny Ways To Massively Level Up And Transform Your Life

[This will have an impact]


Know Your Worth. Don’t let anybody discount you, take you for granted, or tell you that you aren’t worth what you know you are. Understand and never sell out your value.


Develop Flexibility. Find a way to respond positively to things that are difficult, and unexpected. A great eway to do this is to copy what improv artists do; never say No, But…always say, Yes, And!


Recognise Your Ego. My ego has stopped me from being able to make money doing what I love, being able to sleep at night, and being able to just enjoy my life. You have to recognise the times your ego is telling you that you’re too good for something. And then realise your ego is wrong.


Team Up with Experience. Make it a part of your life, every single week, to reach out to somebody with more experience than you, and ask them for help, for advice, or just for a moment of their time to talk. You’ll learn more from these people than from any college degree.


Find and Exploit Your Weaknesses. One of my weaknesses was that I always wanted to play Xbox instead of making videos and helping people. So I’m starting a Twitch channel where I can play games while I answer questions about startups.


Don’t Allow Naysayers to Get You Down. I know this old school advice, but I have a take on it. When I approach people about a business idea and they tell me no, I use my own reality distortion field to change their answer — in my mind — to Yes, And. I treat every rejection as a creative push.


Stop Feeling Helpless. I know I struggle, I struggle with anxiety and depression and all the trials and tribulations that come with being an entrepreneur and being a person living on the internet, but I understand that I am never helpless to change my mood, my situation or my surroundings.


Don’t Allow One Element of Your Life to Rule All. Whether that’s your work, your money, your car, your partner or your kids. You have to let yourself enjoy and experience a wider range of emotions and a wider range of situations. Because if you don’t, you WILL burn out…


Make Continuous Learning a Priority. This is the best advice I have to give for anybody. Always. Be. Learning. Because when you learn, you’re suiting up and arming yourself to be prepared for any catastrophe that life can throw at you.


Stop Flinching Whenever Something Happens. The key to white knuckling it through any tough shit, is to be able to face it without flinching. The key to that, I’ve always found, is to always ask, what is the worst that could happen? Once you know how to deal with it, you won’t flinch…

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