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11 Interesting Examples of How to Use Chatbots

Chatbots can schedule meetings, tell you the weather, and provide customer support. And that’s just the beginning.

Want to order pizza, schedule a meeting, or even find your true love?

There’s a chatbot for that.

Just as apps once were the hot new thing that would solve whatever problem you had back in 2009, now we’re moving into the age of chatbots.

Chatbots make life even easier for consumers. With chatbots, there’s no more long waits on hold to talk to a person on the phone or going through multiple steps to research and complete a purchase on websites.

Millions of people already get it. They’re using chatbots to contact retailers, get recommendations, complete purchases, and much more.

Adoption of chatbots is increasing. People are discovering the benefits of chatbots.

All of this is good news for entrepreneurs and businesses because pretty much any website or app can be turned into a bot.

Now is the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon. Even I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with my new startup.

What’s so great about chatbots?

Check out these 11 interesting examples of ways you can use chatbots right now.

1. Order Pizza

It’s ridiculously easy to order pizza with the help of chatbots. You can order by texting, tweeting, voice, or even from your car.

Domino’s was one of the early adopters of chatbots. Today, Domino’s lets you easily build a new pizza (or reorder your favorite pizza) and track your order all from Facebook Messenger.

2. Product Suggestions

Many consumers know they want to buy some shoes, but might not have a particular item in mind. You can use chatbots to offer product suggestions based on what they want (color, style, brand, etc.)

It’s not just shoes. You can replace “shoes” with any other item. It could be clothes, groceries, flowers, a book, or a movie. Basically, any product you can think of.

For example, tell H&M’s Kik chatbot about a piece of clothing you have and they’ll build an outfit for you.

3. Customer Support

Last year, brands including AirBnB, Evernote, and Spotify started using chatbots on Twitter to provide 24/7 customer service.

The goal of these customer support chatbots is to quickly provide answers and address customer complaints, or simply track the status of an order.

4. Weather

There are numerous weather bots to choose from. Most are pretty basic, though a few are designed to be a bit more fun.

You can use these to ask about the current conditions in your area and find out whether you should bring the umbrella before you leave for work. Some bots allow you to set regular reminders for a certain time of day.

5. Personal Finance Assistance

Chatbots make it easy to make trades, get notifications about stock market trends, track your personal finances, or even get help finding a mortgage.

Banks have created chatbots to let you check in on your account, such as your current balance and most recent transactions. And there are tax bots that help you track your business and deductible expenses.

6. Schedule a Meeting

With so many schedules to juggle, setting up meetings can be a pain. Unless you let a chatbot do the work for you.

Meekan is one such example. Simpy request a new meeting and this Slack chatbot will look at everyone’s calendars to find times when everyone is available.

7. Search for & Track Flights

You can use chatbots to get some vacation inspiration. Others will let you search for and compare flights based on price and location. Kayak’s chatbot even lets you book your flights and hotels entirely from inside Facebook Messenger.

Once you’re all booked, there are other chatbots that will let you track current flights, wait times, delays, and more.

8. News

Chatbots help you stay up to date on the news or topics that matters to you.

You can get the latest headlines from mainstream media sources like CNN, Fox News, or the Guardian. Or you can get the latest tech headlines from TechCrunch or Engadget.

9. Find Love

A match made by chatbots? It could happen.

Instead of swiping left or right on an app, you could use Foxsy. This Messenger bot promises to help you find a “beautiful and meaningful connection with the right person.”

10. Send Money

You can easily send payments to your team or friends with chatbots. All you have to do to send money on the Slack PayPal account is type /paypal send $X to @username.

That’s it. Crazy simple, right?

11. Find a Restaurant

Where do you want to eat tonight? Not sure? Ask a chatbot.

Much like the product recommendation chatbots, restaurant chatbots can provide recommendations based on cuisine, location, and price range. Some chatbots will even make reservations for you or take your order online.


These are just 11 examples of how businesses are already using chatbots. There are nearly limitless possibilities for what can be done with chatbots. So don’t miss out on this huge opportunity to help, engage, or sell to your customers.

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