12 Best Holiday Gifts Under $150

Finding the perfect gift at $150 or under can be tricky. Especially finding something that is thoughtful, clever, helpful, and that you’ll feel proud to gift.

We’ve searched the internet, asked our colleagues, and come back with 12 of the best Holiday gifts on the entire internet… all of which are under $150.

This Giftsicle is brought to you by the team at MVMT. At The Mission, we only promote products we love, from companies we trust. MVMT is all that and more, and they’re our go to picks for the best gifts under $150.

1. MVMT Watches and Sunglasses

I like watches that are scratch proof, simple, and flat black. That’s just me. The cell phone has a clock, yes, but studies show guys (and gals!) might not want to carry the cell phone around in your front pocket. A good old fashion watch doesn’t put out any radiation. It just works. That’s why we love MVMT. They have simple watches and sunglasses that match everything and look great.

Our picks are The Voyager ‘Slate Black Rose’ (Men’s) and The Boulevard ‘Santa Monica’ (Women’s):

2. YETI Coolers are Ice Cold

I bought my sister and brother-in-law (avid campers) the YETI Hopper Flip-8 and they love it (costs $139). It’s portable, leak-proof and perfect for going camping, on a beach day, or a picnic. The bigger coolers aren’t cheap (because they are high-quality and last a long time) but they have a killer gift guide and accessories that are all under $100.

3. Sphero R2D2

Who doesn’t want to play more?! These robots link with your phone and become your creations to control. If you’ve heard about robotics and augmented reality, Sphero is the most fun entry point you can find. Check them out, (especially this R2 unit for $129) and stay tuned for a special piece about them!

4. Wanderset is curated gear from influencers and brands

We stumbled on Wanderset the other day and were blown away. This is the place for the best curated sources for brands from influencers. This is the future of eCommerce.

5. Airbnb Experiences for real world adventures

The real world and people still exist, and they’re exciting. For those who need a break from the digital, Airbnb offers that experience and escape.

6 ‘A Christmas Carol’ Tickets on StubHub

For those looking for a classic Christmas experience to share with friends and family, there is nothing better than Charles Dickens classic ‘A Christmas Carol’. At Stubhub you can search deals to find the best tickets for plays, concerts, events, and experiences in 2018. Perfect gifts for the holidays and beyond.

7. NatureBox for your co-workers

We love healthy snacks here at The Mission and we are huge fans of NatureBox! Our favorites are Tropical Magos, Mocha Almonds, Big Island Pineapple, Thin & Crispy Ginger Cookies and Chocolate Nom Noms.

8. Mission Backpack from Origaudio

This is an awesome, well-made pack for just $69.99. You can use it for work, school or backpacking. Easily fits a laptop and has a RFID-lined pocket (they can’t rip off your credit cards). The insulated cooler pocket is great for keeping snacks cool. Ian Faison @ The Mission loves his pack!

9. Biostrap for getting healthier

Biostrap is changing the game for wearables, made for people who are serious about health. The platform (wristband and shoe clip) extracts more than 29 parameters to create a precise picture of every move. For Thanksgiving weekend you can use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY to get a 20% discount (Down to $140 for the Biostrap platform).

10. FuseChicken for your cords, cables, and docking stations

If you’re tired of broken, tangled chords, your problems have been solved. FuseChicken had us at FuseChicken, and once we got past the name we discovered an incredible product. They’re literally the toughest cables on earth. FuseChicken cables now stretch out across The Mission’s office. Plus, they have travel cables and docking stations for iPhone, Android, Macbook and MicroUSB.

11. Mahabis are the best slippers in the world

It doesn’t get cozier and comfier than Mahabis. If it’s snowing outside, you want Mahabis inside.

12. Allbirds are the best kicks

AllBirds offer shoes that aren’t covered in logos. Instead of you paying a company to advertise, AllBirds had a crazy idea. They would just make incredible footwear, in a sustainable way, and sell it for a fair price.

For the rest of our staff picks and expert selections, check out The Mission’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide. Have suggestions for what we should include? Let us know via social media or email us at info[at]themission.co. Enjoy!

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