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13 things I want to whisper in your ears to become a better “you”

It’s nothing much. Just based on my own life experiences.

1. You don’t need “a lot” of friends. Rather, you only need a friend who is a a real friend that can comfort you when you are upset, smile when you are happy, and listen to some of your favorite stories.

2. You don’t need to be the kindest and nicest person in the whole world who are willing to sacrifice anything for other people. This doesn’t mean that you should be an a**hole. Sometimes, it’s necessary that you have some greed and selfishness in yourself.

3. Don’t get too obsessed with having a good human-to-human relationships. Sometimes, you may be alone in your room, hurt by all those gossips and fingers pointing at you. Sometimes, you might try fake yourself to be what you aren’t, just to satisfy others, impress them and even to keep them to your side. However, those who are not loving you sincerely will leave you for good anyways.

4. Life isn’t all about grades that you get for the exams. Also, it surely doesn’t end during college or even during your first job. There are plenty of people around you who are older who still dream of being something and try to achieve those goals. Some may even quit their current job just for their ambition and passion. The world is prettier and more hopeful than it looks. So, don’t be discouraged at anything, dream bigger.

5. If you have time, try to go on many trips. As you get older, there won’t be a lot of time to travel by yourself or with your best buddies. The world is bigger than you think and there are many good people that you can come across, exchange stories and laugh. A lot of life lessons come from those trips you have and you will never forget.

6. Let’s not ignore or look down on anyone. Just because some other people seem less than you at something, you don’t have the right to do any of that. It’s extremely stupid to try making yourself look more confident and more successful by trying to compare and degrade other people. Rather, be a person who can embrace, love and respect others. Also, they might certainly be better than you at other things.

7. You don’t have to inform others about your own weaknesses. Sometimes, in this world, there are people who tend maliciously use your weaknesses to their advantage. So, it’s often wiser to reveal your strengths and look more confident. Hide your weaknesses and improve on them secretly step by step.

8. Whether or not you are breaking up with your girl/boyfriend, heading out from a group meeting or whatever that involves a social interaction with many people, always try to leave with a good impression. This includes when you are leaving your old job to take on a new opportunity at another company also. Relationships between people are never-ending and they will follow you for the entire life. Be careful and be smart.

9. Always try to stay positive and optimistic. This is very hard actually. Sometimes, you could be frustrated about something really small and easily be mad at other people or even at yourself. Also, being in a bad mood often makes others uncomfortable. You are only born once, what’s the problem of switching your views about the things that makes you mad to something that you can tolerate, digest and let it move on? Smile.

10. Don’t worry about things that have not happened yet. Whatever is a month away, week away or even a day away, don’t try to be intimidated and anxious of what “might” happen. Yes, some anxiety and worry might be necessary but stressing over too much doesn’t get you anywhere. So, try to focus on the current things because you might jeopardize them too.

11. The respect that you get from others begins not only with how much you respect others but also, how much you respect your own. If you’re a person who can’t care about yourself and act inappropriately, who will care and cherish you? Today, appraise yourself who lived yesterday and tomorrow, appraise yourself who live today.

12. There is no other people than your family that can eternally be at your side. When everyone turn their backs on you, your family will never. Say that you love them as much as you ca .when you can see, touch and hear them.

13. You can’t be loved by everyone that you encounter. Just like you don’t love everyone you meet, there are people who despise you no matter what you do because you don’t fit with their frame of “friendly”, “smart” or “cool” people. Try to swallow their criticisms and their hatred. Let you’re left ear hear and your right ear spit out them so that you don’t take any comments deep down to your heart. However, if they can help you, try to make the best of it.

With all my heart, I hope you can be a better you tomorrow :)

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