14 Websites Where You Can Learn Photoshop for Free

Larry Kim
Larry Kim
Sep 12, 2017 · 4 min read

1. Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

When your goal is to learn photoshop, sometimes it pays off to go to the source. Adobe provides access to a plethora of videos and hands-on tutorials designed to help you learn the basic when you start out and work your way up to more advanced techniques.

2. Phlearn

For a wide range of video tutorials that let you learn Photoshop basic and advanced techniques, as well as a range of special effects, Phlearn connects you with a lot of resources in one location.

3. Udemy

While Udemy offers more paid courses than anything else, there are numerous free options focused on Photoshop. Many of these are suitable for beginners and they generally rate well with the Udemy community.

4. GCF LearnFree.org

The free tutorial on GFCLearnFree.org provides you with access to 10 core lessons and five extras, including a quiz that lets you put your skills to the test.

5. Photoshop Essentials

Every lesson on Photoshop Essentials is created “with beginners in mind.” You can access information straight through the site or by visiting their companion YouTube channel.

6. Photoshop Café

Another site full of tutorial videos is Photoshop Café. Using their instructional content, you can learn to do popular tasks like cutting out trees, putting text inside a shape, and how to turn a photo into a pencil sketch.

7. Tuts+

This site goes beyond the basic, letting you learn Photoshop techniques to help you accomplish goals like creating photo-realistic wax seal mock-ups and aligning your Facebook cover and profile picture for a seamless image.

8. Design Stacks

Design Stacks offers shareable tutorials to help you learn Photoshop from nearly beginning to end. You can start with the basics which will help you understand concepts like layers and non-destructive dodge and burn, and move on to photo manipulations, special effects, and web layouts.

9. Trevor Morris Photographics

This site offers only a few tutorials now, but the keyboard shortcuts downloads are helpful for anyone who wants to learn Photoshop. Why? Because sometimes pressing a few keys is so much faster than digging through menus. And who doesn’t love saving some time and hassle.

10. PluralSight

PluralSight, which recently absorbed the learning destination known as Digital Tutors, offers a wide array of Photoshop tutorials and courses.

11. Sleek Lens

This photography blog isn’t entirely focused on tutorials, but there are plenty to choose from. For example, you can learn how to digital add fire to a photograph using one of the posts.

12. Floqq

Floqq offers a free course called, “Learning Adobe Photoshop in 30 Days.” The class is divided into 30 steps and includes 32 videos (and introduction and conclusion, and one video for each step).

13. Alison

Similar to Udemy and other learning platforms, Alison provides access to two free courses designed to help you learn Photoshop, as well as some others that may be helpful, like guides to digital photography.

14. Photoshop Forums

While this isn’t a traditional learning platform, Photoshop Forums does have a significant amount of information available. The site is now considered closed, but the threads persist. So, you can dig into the archives to find answers to questions you may have.

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