Photo Credit: Mike Petrucci

15 Ways I Miss Creativity.

I work a lot these days. While my earlier life had a distinct focus on creative work (art, comic creation, music and fiction) my life now emphasises my entrepreneurial and tech interests. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it may swing the other way later on. Over time, I know that the pure creativity I used to focus on has turned into something else.

I still do creative work regularly, but no longer to the same extent. Despite loving what I’m doing as a business writer/analyst and as a tech professional, I do miss my pure creativity.

I miss the feeling of paint on my fingers and the stain of paint on my clothes.

I miss the magical worlds, just waiting to be born, lurking on the edge of my mind.

I miss the sense of huge, eternal, boundless possibility.

I miss the flow of hastily scribbled words on a page.

I miss the mind-fuck of trying to read those words later, when the mood is gone.

I miss filling notebooks with doodles and strange sketches, story notes and character ideas.

I miss waking up in the middle of the night, with an indescribable force pushing me to create.

I miss forcing myself to be creative when it feels close to impossible, because I understand that it’s not just about inspiration.

I miss the thrill of explaining my latest piece of work to someone, watching them react to what I am trying to achieve.

I miss uncovering secrets about my personality that I never even knew were there.

I miss feeling like I could reach out and shape the lives of other people.

I miss the openness that creativity brought to my life, where I would accept the influence and the shaping of others.

I miss the attention. I know it’s crass — but for me, that’s always been at least some of my creative drive.

I miss the experience of drawing something out from different materials and turning them into something new.

I miss believing in my creative power.

Photo Credit: Mike Petrucci

But here’s what I’ve realised. That list? Those 15 things? I don’t need to miss them. I really experience them every day. Every day that I work with a company who are building something incredible. I experience them every day when I’m building my own business. Working on a startup or a product or a piece of technology, these are intensely creative projects.

I experience the same creativity when I’m writing, when I’m sitting on my couch pouring out every scrap of information I can onto a page. Choosing one path doesn’t always close off another. There is no reason that you have to turn away and completely block yourself from pursuing it.

You have to find the creativity, the innovation, the opportunity wherever you are. You have to look beneath the surface and avoid the externalities, avoid getting caught up in the whirlwind bullshit that can distract you from finding what you love in whatever you’re doing.

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