29 (Lesser-known) But Awesome Places to Learn Something New Every Day

Learning is not just limited to schools and universities anymore. It’s a life-long process that can enrich your knowledge every day. Your career, personal life, and total well-being will never be the same if you can commit to some of these awesome resources.

This list of resources (selected based on the number of upvotes on Product Hunt) will point you toward sites that will help you learn about topics that are of interest to you. These sites can help you challenge yourself to learn something new every day.

1/ University of Reddit: Learn 1,000’s of new things, from reddit

2/ Zidbits: Huge collection of fun facts, weird news, and articles.

3/ InstaNerd: Be smart, instantly

4/ Degreed: A lifelong learning platform

5/ Daily Curiosity: Get informed with 5 new amazing topics, delivered daily.

6/ Lrn: Learn to code at your convenience

7/ Flowkey: The easiest way to learn piano

8/ Brain Pump: Random educational videos. Learn something new

9/ Code School: Learn to code by doing

10/ Lookmunk: Find the best websites to learn something new everyday!

11/ CoffeeStrap: Learn a language by meeting cool people

12/ 5-minute Drops: Learn a new language. Just 5 minutes per day

13/ Makezine: DIY projects, how-Tos, electronics, crafts and ideas for makers

14/ Salted: Learn skills and recipes from expert chefs

15/ Daily Bits Of: Learn anything, anywhere, with daily courses via email

16/ Skillshare for Mobile: Learn just about anything

17/ Zaption:Turn online videos into interactive learning experiences

18/ Coursmos: Build your online education business

19/ Chalk Street: Learn the things that are important to you

20/ Guides.co: Modern “How To” guides

21/ Alison: Free online courses from the world’s top publishers

22/ Course Buffet: Find and compare hundreds of free online courses

23/ Now I Know: Learn something new every day, via email

24/ Curious: Play the game of lifelong learning

25/ Memrise: Learning, made joyful

26/ Snapguide: Discover and create guides on all your favourite topics

27/ Big Think: Articles and videos featuring expert “Big Thinkers.”

28/ Highbrow: Expand your knowledge universe in just 5 minutes a day

29/ Greatist: Real facts and doable steps for your happiest life

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