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3 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up

Think Like A Billionaire

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” — Harriet Beecher Stowe

I am fascinated by billionaires. There I said it.

Please don’t hold me in contempt as I endeavour to explain myself.

Okay, it may be presumptuous of me, since you are not mistaken for assuming my fascination is owing to their wealth status — right? I should be forthcoming that my curiosity extends towards the mindset of self-made billionaires.

Consider for a moment the conviction a self-made billionaire has to reach their level of success, inspite of the insurmountable hurdles along the way.

Whilst researching this topic back in 2017, there were 1,500 billionaires in the world. At the time of writing this article, that number has swelled to 1,645 with an aggregate wealth of $6.5 trillion. That is a staggering figure.

Despite people’s beliefs toward the rich, the wealthy are not deceitful in their pursuit of wealth — they are astute and industrious.

To become a billionaire requires one to overcome many mental and emotional hurdles. It requires a profound confidence to never give up, given the economic forces oppose those reaching for success.

To attain such an astounding level of wealth, one must think and act in ways conducive to wealth attainment. There must be an inherent self-belief, an unyielding motivation and a desire to prevail.

Represented in the quote: “The more you help people get what they want, the more you get what you want,” this simple axiom forms the basis to a wealthy person’s philosophy.

Self-made billionaires support an unwavering level of mental toughness and resiliency. According to authors who have written on talent and success, including: Malcom Gladwell, Cal Newport and Robert Greene, talent is not bestowed upon us at the time of our birth. Success is gained over time arising from firm persistence and dedication.

Whilst the nature vs nurture discussion has eluded scientists and behavioural economists for years, many struggle to draw consensus on what it takes to be talented.

In recent times evolutionary psychologists now infer that nurture nature is a more proper term which suggests that environment accounts for a large part of a person’s success, whilst acknowledging DNA to be just as important.

Sage Advice

“Don’t quit. Never give up trying to build the world you can see, even if others can’t see it. Listen to your drum and your drum only. It’s the one that makes the sweetest sound.” — Simon Sinek

In keeping with success as a motivator, the following points are valuable models for building on achievement — thus abolishing the want to give up:

1. A relentless desire to succeed.

2. Extend yourself each time.

3. Enjoy the journey.

Let us examine these points:

1. A Relentless Desire To Succeed

Recall the last time you learned something new. You might have reached a point in the skill or task and proclaimed, “To hell with this, I give up?” I know I have.

I wish to re-frame the notion of winning to include, NOT giving up despite outward appearances. Leadership expert and author Robin Sharma offers the following sage advice, “If people aren’t laughing at you at least once a week, your dreams are too small.” That is, you’re not reaching beyond your capabilities.

Often you may expect to reap the rewards for the hard work you have put in. Signs of success may not be apparent for weeks, months or years. You may even become disheartened and give up; right when a breakthrough is imminent.

This is a common scenario for most people. We strive for external confirmation, believing the fruits of our labour will yield a positive sign. At this point, we assume events are unfolding in our favour behind the scenes and beyond our limited senses. The aphorism which invites you to believe it before you see it underscores the message of deep optimism.

2. Extend Yourself Each Time

People succumb to the impression they must put everything on the line to succeed. That they must sacrifice everything in the pursuit of their goal. This is a misleading assumption based on several reasons.

Steady improvements over time often yield greater returns. Whilst I am not advocating a new idea, it was author Darren Hardy who outlines this point in his prize winning book, Compound Effect which many authors here on Medium often reference.

Take the elastic rubber band as a metaphor, your aim should be to extend yourself further each time, beyond your comfort zone. In doing so you discover more of yourself while taking calculated risks since you’re able to identify mistakes with an enriched mind.

3. Enjoy The Journey

In refusing to give up, you reconnect with your underlying motivation for pursuing your goal. To maintain a purposeful vision, while savouring the journey becomes the ultimate aphrodisiac.

I work ten hour days including weekends with adequate rest and exercise inbetween. As Sunday arrives, I often reflect on what I have achieved during the week and how I can build on my success in the following week. It’s reassuring to note I haven’t ‘worked’ in the true meaning of the word — I surrender to a Flow experience called work, which I am passionate toward.

I invite you to find your passion and pursue it with gusto — let the spirit of your quest come alive through you.

If you contemplate giving up, I trust this article has reignited your desire to move forward with enthusiasm.

As a final thought, an unrelenting persistence and dedication are seen as defining attributes by successful people.

With that in mind, create your ideal future by assuming a purposeful vision for success. Fill it with optimism and empowering beliefs owing to your overall success — never give up since you never know when the tides of fortune will come your way.

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