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4 Amazing Benefits of Reducing Your Screen Time


Distraction is becoming an epidemic. We have digital detox camps, nootropics and pills to help us focus, and a whole host of other mental health issues that are tied to the excessive use of technology.

Excessive screen time causes our attention to shift from one external stimulus to another in very short amounts of time. So it’s not particularly surprising that reducing our screen time increases our attention span. Starting and ending our days with our faces buried in screens creates a self-imposed handicap that inhibits our ability to focus and do deep work.

  • We spend 2 hours a day, 38 days a year, locking and unlocking our phones
  • The average human attention span has gone below that of a goldfish
  • Checking email only 3 times a day reduces stress by 25%

Listen to the interview with Amy Blankson

1.Better Sleep

As a person who has dealt with depression, I have to be incredibly mindful about sleep hygiene. Poor sleep exacerbates symptoms of depression. Numerous studies have shown that blue light from a screen is harmful to sleep. By avoiding screens an hour before bed, your brain starts to relax. Put your phone somewhere that you can’t see it, even it’s only a few feet away from your bed on a windowsill. This way even if you do use it as an alarm, you’ll have to actually get up to turn it off as opposed to using the snooze button or checking Facebook at 6am.

2. Reduced Anxiety and Stress

In Amy Blankson’s new book The Future of Happiness, she said the following about multiple email checks a day and excessive social media use:

3. Presence and Charisma

A few weeks ago, I went on a date with a girl I met on Bumble. When she showed up at the place we were meeting, I turned my phone off. The result was that we were both much more present and it simply reinforced what Olivia Fox Cabane said about charisma:

4.Wake up More Focused

The greatest benefit of avoiding screens an hour before bed is that you wake up more focused. If you’ve avoided screens before bed, you’ll be less compelled to turn on your devices first thing in the morning. Given that time is the most valuable asset at your disposal, you want to use it wisely. When you wake up clear and focused, it becomes much easier to spend the first hour of your day on activities that add meaning to your life.

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