5 Reasons the Future is now —Why the World is Changing Before your Eye and How you Can Benefit as it Evolves

Chris Herd
Sep 11, 2017 · 8 min read

Stop, take a moment, and looked around

Their is a paradigm shift that is occurring all around you.

If you can’t yet feel the winds of change on your face, you are witnessing the calm before the storm or are abreast of the manic panic that will arise upon the realisation that the rules of engagement have been altered.

The new world order is a post-industrial uprising, it is the entrepreneurial revolution/generation and it is the dawn of a post-capitalist world.


My belief in these theories hasn’t occurred overnight.

They have grown over time based on my recognition of certain patterns and trends across specific demographics.

Breaking free from the shackles of belief that standardised capitalism and employment are the most reliable and sensible way of life isn’t easy. We have been programmed to believe that it is insane to do anything else.

We live the way we have been led to believe is most conducive to future prosperity, which is true but it’s not our own. In this post I’ll touch on the 5 reasons that have led me to believe everything is going to change.

1 — Employment is Broken.

Increasingly there is a growing feeling of discontent among my friends, family and network connections relating to their displeasure of how they are treated, like cogs in a great machine of mutual disbenefit.

So they unhappily remain

Some though have stopped accepting this as a universal truth that must be recognised.

They have grasped the chance and afforded themselves the opportunity to flourish. During a time of such economic disparity the most innovative and creative thinking has begun to occur, as it often does, in the face of impending doom.

The risk is huge

Not everyone will be willing to take that risk nor should they. That said, the fallacious belief that staff employment is inherently safer than an alternative route is a disingenuous fabrication perpetuated by big business in order to shackle their workers to fear their own potential

Find the things you enjoy and maniacally pursue them and you’ll find a way to profit from the things you love. Learn new skills which augment your existing ones opening up a world of alternative opportunity.

2 — What is Entrepreneurship?

You may wish to argue the likelihood of a tech bubble, the economic infeasibility of so many platforms operating without profitability or the merits of throwing mud against a wall until it sticks and I wouldn’t give you many arguments against any of them.

Perhaps the greatest illustration of the ridiculousness of some startups is this: A million guys walk into a Silicon Valley bar. No one buys anything. Bar declared massive success.

That is entrepreneurship

Spotting an opportunity and taking advantage of it. Real businesses will solve real problems, whether that is giving us a better standard of life, solving the world’s energy needs or reducing waste.

The media pedalled start-up image clouds people’s judgement.

Being an entrepreneur is about doing something for you and cutting the chord of reliance on those whose appreciation of your skills, talent and effort is only counted in the return on their investment.

Entrepreneurship is about trust

Not just of yourself, and your ability to exploit opportunities you have identified, but also of others.

Can you work with others for mutual benefit instead of searching for opportunities where a relationship can be exploited for personal gain? Sure you might benefit short term but longer term you will suffer. The entrepreneur is happy to invest in relationships which pay bigger dividends for longer.

3 — Peer-to-peer Possibilities

Without resorting to hyperbole, collaboration has a real chance to change and contribute to saving the planet.

Never have we had such an abundance of resources but never have we had so much waste. Something has to change and redress the balance of sustainability in the system.

Ubiquitous adoption of a collaborative approach is needed

Companies like OLIO are leading the march towards significantly reducing waste. Platforms have the potential to redistribute excess capacity in ways never previously imagined.

Whether it is transport, childcare, companionship or sale of your personal goods technology has shrunk the world, obliterated borders and allowed collaborative exchanges of time, product and services with no discrimination or location requirement.

This is not before time

As population growth continues apace, 9 billion human inhabitants of the planet projected by 2050, sensible utilisation of Earth’s limited resources is only going to increase in importance.

People need to grow closer and embrace collaboration to ensure we continue to flourish. I don’t think as a species we are willingly wasteful, I think we are ignorant of the harm we are causing.

A feeling of humanity must be rediscovered

The feeling of giving and sharing within your local community is incredible, I’ve already done it with food I wasn’t going to eat. It brings us closer together at a time when technology sucks us deeper into its dark screen and forces us apart. Fostering a real community spirit of togetherness means going back to the future, a redevelopment back the times of our grandparents made more efficient through the embracing of technology.

4 — The rise of Post-Capitalism

This is born from the mindset of incremental advancement present in mass production.

We no longer require mass production for the ‘stuff’ we need instead we can buy it from smaller producers creating unique bespoke products.

Post-capitalism recognises that the current capitalist system is not sufficiently meeting the needs of the majority. It has only acted to widen the gap between those who have and have not. At a time when real earnings are falling for the lower and middle class yet the 1% continue to get richer questions need to be asked.

This disparity will only continue to grow as automation and robotics proliferate the labour market in greater numbers. Those owners will be able to jettison the already low paid skilled labour positions for an almost free alternative. Sure supervisory and repair positions will be created but you misunderstand the purpose of progress and evolution if you think it will result in increased wages.

The problem then becomes who can afford any product produced if there is no requirement for work. If consumers can’t earn who consumes? Automation should result in a tipping of the work life balance towards life but this will only be true if we can come to some sort of compromise relating to earnings.

5 — Learning how to Learn

How can they possibly predict the knowledge you would require 20, 10 or even 5 years after graduation.

It’s time we take responsibility for our own learning and recognise development is a pre-requisite for this new exciting world

Those who rely on the fading knowledge they acquired from school will fail.

The internet has enabled unprecedented access to educational resources that used to only be available to the affluent and elite. Literally anyone with an internet connection can undertake a course from Harvard or any of the worlds other top institution.

The most important investment anyone can ever make is in themselves

Think of each book you read as savings which allows you to withdraw knowledge over your lifetime.

Schools teach you memory skills required to pass arbitrary exams. The world is not arbitrary and problems are not as simple as X + Y = Z. Life is organic and we need to grow as the world changes.

Original thinking is taught out of us, we are trained to conform and not strive for greatness.

Education is average and ensures you stay that way but it doesn’t have to be that way and it is never too late. You are the one and only captain of your destiny so it’s about time you faced up to the responsibility of piloting yourself to your desired location.

Tailor your own teaching to what you want to learn and pursue greatness

It is far easier to be great at something you have went out your way to learn than learn what everyone else already knows. Zig when others zag and experience the benefit of originality.

With that being true I would advocate another route being inherently more useful as the world moves towards a more diverse future

You won’t become the best in the world at any one thing but you will become a world leading generalist which will ensure you can benefit from most of this new exciting post-capitalist world. The benefits of being better at 10 things than 90% of the global population than better than 99% of the world population at one are monumental.

Selflessly share your expertise, thoughts and experiences with people and I guarantee opportunities will find you. Without putting yourself out there people will never realise the importance of something or someone they aren’t aware exists.

The world is changing, you can either embrace it and enjoy the fruits of your labour or continue to lose ground

The choice truly is yours.

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The Mission

A network of business & tech podcasts designed to accelerate learning. Selected as “Best of 2018” by Apple. Mission.org