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5 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Do to Succeed

How NOT to Be Another Business Failure Statistic

#1 — Get Comfortable With Risk (It’s the key to breakthrough success)

#2 — Create Contagious Buy-In (Belief drives behavior)

#3 — Build Around a Great Idea (Schedule time to think)

#4–Understand What Will Sink You (You can’t dodge what you can’t see)

So you’ve got a great idea, everyone buys into your idea, and each team member is excited by the risk because they know this thing is going to go BIG. Don’t get too cocky yet, because there’s still something that could put a gashing hole right in the hull of your startup ship.

#5 — Master the Art of Communication (Listen as well as you talk)

Break The Statistic Machine

So much has to go right for startups to succeed.

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