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“A dreamy shot of a man walking along a white sand dune with a mountain range on the horizon” by Matt Le on Unsplash

5 Ways to Live a Simpler and More Intentional Life

  • Is intentional — meaning you do the things you want to do
  • Is easily navigated — meaning major life decisions are few and far between, and the day-to-day decisions don’t require much serious thought
  • Is uncluttered — meaning “less is more” and that there aren’t many things in life — material or otherwise — that weigh you down

1. Do More Things You Enjoy

2. Seek Quality Over Quantity

  • Love
  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Pets
  • Exercise

3. Get Out of Debt and Ruthlessly Cut Your Expenses

4. Practice Mindfulness

5. Define Your Moral Compass

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