6 Signs Evil Has Taken Over Your Life

And How to Stop It…

Jonathan Chew
Oct 10, 2017 · 6 min read

Have you ever found yourself climbing towards your goals only to trip and find yourself back down at the bottom of the mountain?

That’s because, without knowing it, you let the forces of evil distract you and then seep into your daily ways of thinking.

Note: By “forces of evil” you can interpret that in any way you like whether: Disney villains, human nature, the Devil, inner demons, etc… You still have the ability to choose your actions and own your life responsibility :)

1. Signs of The Slippery Slope

Sign: You’ll start to think, “Oh, it’ll only be this one time. It’s not a big deal. No one’s looking. I’ll just give in, just this once.

We’re all human, and we all make mistakes. Letting go once in a while is sometimes even healthy. A slip-up here or there is OK. But it’s dangerous territory. It just depends on what you do after the fall that counts. You can choose #2 (see below) or choose to keep going.

Where your focus goes, energy flows, and results show.

How to Stop It: Take a break, don’t even think about it or entertain the idea no matter how good it feels. Think about the future pain or consequences you’ll have. Get back up and keep moving forward up that mountain!

2. Signs of The Slide

Sign: You begin to say to yourself, “Well, I already messed up. I’m a failure, might as well keep going since I suck anyway. No one’s going to notice and I’ve always been like this.

This is where you start to lose control over your thoughts and eventually your body. One time can turn into several times. This is the other choice you make if you don’t keep going up the mountain as a result of #3 (see below). Stop indulging in evil’s delights, that’s what it wants you to do.

Change your assumptions. Suffering is a choice.

How to Stop It: Picture your 80-year-old self and ask him if the series of actions you’re about to do is worth it. You can stop at any point. It’s not a game of Chutes & Ladders, you can get out of the slide at any time and start making your way back up. The more random place, the better, you’ll throw evil off guard.

3. Signs of The Shroud

Sign: You know your goal, but then you start to think of things that you think you need in order to get there, and pretty soon you lose sight of the original goal because you’ve gotten distracted by less important goals.

This is one of the cleverest strategies used by evil forces is to take you out when you’re on the right track. You’re brain thinks it needs something but it’s a false goal and you end up taking a lot of unnecessary detours. You’ll get a glimpse of your actual goal for a second, and then a shroud is thrown over you by using your very own “veil of thought” so you’ll never find it again and you’ll get lost amongst the trees.

See the forest through the trees. The path will show itself.

How to Stop It: Work on remembering and reminding yourself of what your goals are. Put it as your iPhone (or any mobile device) background, set a text using IFTTT to remind you every evening before you go to bed, or make an index card that you place in front of you while you work.

4. Signs of Greener Grass

Sign: If you look at Facebook or social media platforms, you often think to yourself that your life sucks in comparison to your friend’s lives. You look at your neighbors and the things they have in their houses. You compare your career income and status with those of your same peer group and co-workers.

We have this perception that the grass in the yard over the fence is so much greener and better than our own. But often times, when you actually get there, the grass is just as brown or it was an illusion/mirage like you find in the desert. The tricks on your mind is that anything when put in relation to one another, one will always be lesser and one will always be greater unless they are exactly equal.

You are the one who determines the value of something.

How to Stop It: Stop comparing yourself to others. Compare yourself to yourself and set your own goals and destinations. Use the people around you as inspiration of where you want to go but check them against the reality of your own life, goals, and mission. Don’t go for something just to have it, that’s the worst kind of gift to give to yourself and others.

5. Signs of Endless Peaks

Sign: You finally climb to the top of the mountain only to see several new peaks beyond it that you now must climb. In other words, you achieve your goal only to see that there are now several more goals for you to achieve before you can rest.

Evil loves to keep moving the goal post so you feel this eternity of torture that things will never end. You will never get that elusive feeling of happiness. You can never rest.

Here’s a good example: A friend of mine had always wanted to be a millionaire. He worked and worked and finally made his first $1 million dollars. He then heard that you weren’t financially free until you made at least $3 million dollars to just live purely off interest. So it took him another few years to get there. Finally, another friend told him that he wouldn’t be “wealthy” until he was a BILLIONAIRE.

My friend now works more than ever (16+ hours a day) chasing a dream that might change on him again. We’ve seen this in countless situations where someone gets to be on the New York best seller’s list only then to strive to stay on there for multiple weeks. Then people burn out and then go back to the way they were before it all started and end up at the bottom having lost site of what they wanted in the first place.

Strive for excellence not perfection. Enjoy the journey.

How to Stop It: Start enjoying yourself now instead. Be satisfied with the little things in life that bring delight and joy to you. Learn to be happy for no reason and to appreciate both the ups and the downs, the peaks and valleys of the path before you. Aim to be the best version of yourself rather than getting everything right.

6. Signs of Waiting Until Everything is Just Right

Sign: You sit around waiting for the perfect moment to happen in order to get started. So you make up excuses for not doing what you really want to do because you’re not in the “zone” or not ready in your mind yet.

This is the final trap that renders good people inactive and lose the momentum of action. If you always wait for the opportune moment though, you’ll never get started and it may be too late if you wait too long. It’ll never be the perfect moment. Things will never ever be “just right” which is why you should get started at any moment of the day.

Life is Messy. The only moment you can change is the present.

How to Stop It: Be kind to yourself. Self-compassion is the key to unlocking the fear that’s holding you back. We all make mistakes. Accept that and stop resisting. Give in just a little and you’ll often see that things don’t turn out as bad as you imagine. Starting is half the battle, so just do it.


Evil can sometimes creep into our lives without our conscious knowledge. Create a barrier so you don’t let it in or create a new trigger so you can stop it.

  1. Show a little kindness to yourself. We’re all human, that’s part of the journey of becoming the most effective best version of yourself.
  2. Start now and start enjoying yourself now.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  4. Remember the important goals and the reasons why you’ve chosen them.
  5. Get familiar with when you go too far and recognize that you can course correct at any time.
  6. Don’t dwell long on the negative, dwell on the positive and keep going :)

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A network of business & tech podcasts designed to accelerate learning. Selected as “Best of 2018” by Apple. Mission.org

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