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6 Things People With Interesting Careers Have in Common

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1. Their Path is Never Linear

2. They’ve all Gone Through Something Difficult

  • Joe Loya spent 7 years in prison after robbing more than 30 banks, before he became an author and a talking head on the criminal justice system.
  • Janelle Hanchett found herself in a hospital with no more moves left because of her alcoholism before she became known as a writer with an unmistakable voice and popular blog.

3.They Turn Disadvantages into Disproportionate Advantages

Sometimes piss poor results at something are actually better than average results because they light a fire under your ass to go out and change something.

4.They Have Bold and Compelling Points of View

5. Their Behavior isn’t Dictated by Social Programming

6. They are Lifelong Learners

Commitment is different than completion. When you’re committed you’re not ever finished. You’re a lifelong learner, and a perpetual student.

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