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8 Effective Ways To Overcome Frustration Right Now

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Show Life You Mean Business

“Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment.” — Dale Carnegie

I have lost count of the times I experienced frustration over the years, since it rears its ugly head when I least expect it.

I feel its presence when I step out of my comfort zone, reminding me to stay calm, and diligent in the pursuit of my goal.

Frustration is a healthy sign of progress, despite the accompanying emotions. It denotes inner growth as you edge closer to your goal.

Frustration advises you to stay firm in your pursuit. Often, people give up when frustration ensues, believing the goal is unachievable.

I push harder during these times, and will not give up until I achieve my goal.

I adopt a no holds barred approach. If you are experiencing frustration, raise the bar when life throws you a lemon.

Don’t make lemonade — that’s a cliché used too often. Make the best lemon meringue ever.

Turn the lemons into gold bullions.

Show life you mean business.

Frustration is a signpost advising you not to abandon hope.

It’s not meant to stop your progress. It is a small speed hump suggesting you get organised, creative and excited and approach your goal with enthusiasm.

I experienced frustration some time ago with my public speaking engagements. I wanted more speaking work and was frustrated I was not where I should be.

I found myself complaining about my affairs. Once I settled down, I rediscovered my inner hunger that makes a person unstoppable. Frustration has taught me to stay inspired, enthusiastic, and persistent.

Frustration may be inviting you to remain patient. This is the most challenging phase because you want to achieve your goal now.

The following are ideas for dealing with frustration.

The truth is, you are allowed to be frustrated. Feel the emotion and channel it in a positive direction to realise your full potential.

“I feel as if I were a piece in a game of chess, when my opponent says of it: That piece cannot be moved.” — Søren Kierkegaard

1. Feel The Frustration

How does frustration feel?

Where do you feel it?

What does it look like?

Be with it and notice what it is asking you to do. Knowing your emotional constitution is a positive step toward uncovering the hidden meaning behind them.

2. Assess Your Goals

I’m not suggested you abandon your goals.

An airline pilot plots his course toward his destination, and you should do the same.

Do you really want this goal?

If so, why?

What would it give you or allow you to become once you achieve it?

3. Get Organised & Savvy

Now that you’ve felt the frustration and assessed your goal, it’s time to get organised.

This means being clear on how you achieve the goal or what route you will take to get there.

4. Seek Advice

Enlist the advice of those who have charted a similar path.

Be inquisitive about their journey. Remember, it is their path and not yours, so use discrimination in how you approach your journey.

Employ the advice that feels right.

Photo by Wu Jianxiong on Unsplash

5. Make Mistakes

Go out there and make mistakes.

My business mentor calls it fail fast.

His advice is, to make mistakes which do not harm your goals.

Give it a go and if it doesn’t work, learn from the mistake.

Get back on the horse and continue in the same direction — forward.

6. Act With Confidence

Develop a go get ’em attitude.

The same attitude your family pet dog has when you try to wrestle a bone or toy from his mouth.

They refuse to let go. Assume the same attitude and remain tenacious.

7. Take Time Away

While you want to be tenacious, it’s important to take time off on occasions.

Time off means time away from the pursuing your goal.

By taking a mini vacation, you are in a better position to revisit it with greater mental clarity.

8. Reward Yourself

Do something for yourself as a reward for your efforts. I recently upgraded the components on my road bicycle given the long hours spent during the past year.

It felt good to enjoy the fruits of my reward, instead of working harder. I’ll have fun riding my bicycle and it is a good reminder that hard work does pay off.

Appreciate that frustration is part of the journey towards your goal. The bigger the goal, the greater the frustrations.

Accept them as a natural process and reframe them. See them as stepping stones, not obstacles. Move through them, not around them.

Keep at it until you accomplish the goal, as there is nothing more satisfying than reaching a goal that once seemed unattainable.

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